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Golden Retriever Puppies and the Importance of the Right Communication

Golden Retriever Puppies and the Importance of the Right Communication
By Ewen Vile

The best way to communicate with Golden Retriever puppies is to see the world as they see it. The only way that you can recognize how your dog feels is to learn and understand his nature. This is essential in building a strong bond and lasting relationship for you and your dog.

Dogs are pack animals and they thrive in the security of their pack. Imagine how sad it is for a young pup to be taken away from his mother and litter mates. Being in a new home and a new environment leaves him with all the uncertainties and makes him feel that he is in deep danger.

This is the reason why your dog whines or howls during his first nights at home. He is calling his pack and only longs to be reunited with them. He has to feel security and this is something that you have to give because your family is his new pack. He needs to feel a sense of belonging in the group.

If he chews on your shoes or your shirt while you are away, it only means that he misses you. He wanted to sniff and mouth on something with the scent of his master. This is how he finds comfort when he feels lonely. Goldens’ are very sociable animals and they don’t want to be left alone for a long time.

Pack animals have leaders. Since you are his new pack, you have to assume the lead. This is one important thing that you have to instill to your dog at an early age. Simple things like stopping him from jumping on the sofa or running ahead of you on a leash are his ways of expressing dominant behavior.

Establish leadership by playing games that will develop his trust, confidence and respect in you. If he walks ahead of you, stop him with a slight tug on the leash and a simple command that will be easy for him to recall.

Our language is a foreign language to them. When you tell your puppy to shut up when he is crying at night, he will not understand. But when you give him a safe place to sleep, a toy for company and a blanket to keep him warm he will understand it more knowing that you are trying your best to keep him comfortable and welcomed in your house.

By understanding that dogs are dogs and not humans, we learn to communicate with our dogs better.

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Golden Retriever Puppies – A Guide For the First-Time Owners

Golden Retriever Puppies – A Guide For the First-Time Owners
By Archie Right

Many people around the world are getting more and more attracted to owning pets, especially cute little puppies. In fact, both in US and Great Britain, it became a hobby and a way of life not only for families but also for single men and women. This is also the reason why pet stores sell dogs intensively, and Golden Retriever pups are not the exception.

However, not all consumers know and understand that most puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills. At the puppy mills dogs are often in poor health, over bred and kept in cages for the lifetime. Many dog owners would say that they have saved the dogs’ lives after taking them out from their harsh breeding environment. Well, from one hand they may be right, but from the other hand, they must understand that they buy a “problem” puppy with unknown physical and mental condition.

Another disadvantage of the pet store is that consumers might not be able to meet the parents of their new pet. Remember that traits are passed down from the parent to the offspring. If the parent is wild and aggressive or calm and friendly, the pups are most likely to have the same characteristics so it’s a good idea to have a look at a breeding couple.

On the other hand, the things are pretty much different with private breeders because they consider themselves experts in their field. They invest much time in training their dogs well and providing them with proper nourishment and care. In fact, they offer various options and assist you before and after you’ve bought the puppy. The least what you can expect is a professional advice on virtually any matter. Also ask if the breeder has a written contract and puppy guaranty. He or she should be willing to take puppy back in case you won’t be able to care of him for whatever reason without any extra compensation.

You can never go wrong with Golden Retriever puppies in your own home. Aside from being cute and cuddly little pets, Golden Retriever puppies will surely win your hearts because of their intelligence, undying loyalty, kindness and brimming energy! Because of their great intelligence and energy, they easily become bored so you need to find a way of keeping your dog busy.

Training them would certainly require little effort as long as they are given the right attention, proper nutrition and care. Make sure that they get their reward of food, have their real chew toys as they might get interested in your slippers and shoes, and finally, enjoy plenty of interesting activities to keep them away from boredom.

Another good idea is to “puppy proof” your home. The reason for it is an enormous curiosity of your new friend, so you need to make sure he won’t be able to harm himself. If you’ve ever baby proofed your home then you know what I’m talking about. If not, well, the rule of thumb here is that anything dangerous to a human is dangerous to your pup too! Remove all sharp objects and chemicals within the reach of your pup, otherwise he might get heart, poisoned or traumatized in another way.

Well, I have to admit that finding, adopting and caring for a Golden Retriever puppy can demand time and effort. But if you’ve armed yourself with information on how to do things properly you’ll find fun and easy ways to deal with all the challenges.

Archie Right is a Golden Retriever expert. For more information on Golden Retriever puppies, visit

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Golden Retriever Puppies Adoption – How to Find a Happy, Healthy and Problem-Free Pup

Golden Retriever Puppies Adoption – How to Find a Happy, Healthy and Problem-Free Pup
By Archie Right

What are you looking for?
The key to successful Golden Retriever puppies adoption is to become an educated buyer. It isn’t only about learning everything you can about adopting a Golden Retriever puppy and the breed in general. It’s also about determining what you are looking for. So before you start looking for a puppy to adopt you need to figure out what traits you’d like to see in your new friend. Remember, that the puppy comes not only with cute face and adorable eyes, but also with lots of responsibilities. So let’s have a look at what you may be looking for and how to find it.

Well, deciding to adopt a Golden Retrievers puppy most of us are probably looking for the pup that requires little effort for training and caring and is perfectly healthy. Is it possible? It is but only with the right approach.

Where to look for a pup?
Let’s start with where not to look. There is one place you must avoid while choosing a Golden Retriever pup – pet store. The reason is a low quality of puppies there (most of them come from puppy mills). You are very unlikely to pick up a healthy well-balanced dog from the pet store. Looking for a reputable breeder will be much wiser and more useful. Even if you’ll have to pay a bit more for a puppy at the breeder’s, your investment will pay for itself in no time. It’s better to pay a higher price at once then pay veterinarian bills for the next decade. Besides, breeder will provide you with tons of useful information before and after you adopt a puppy.

Where to look for a breeder?
With such a common breed as Golden Retriever finding a breeder should not be a big problem. You can start by looking for ads in you local newspapers or surfing the web. But getting a reference from other dog owners is even a better idea. Another option is to turn for a reference to your local AKC office.

But perhaps the best one is to visit a show. There you can meet experienced owners who will not only provide you with tons of useful first-hand experience regarding owning a Golden, but also will advise you a good litter from their reputable colleague. Besides, if the breeders do not show their dog they probably have very limited knowledge of the breed and they are no worth dealing with. So you’ll find the right people from the very beginning.

How to choose a good breeder?
The rule of thumb here is to find the breeder that takes care about the dogs more than about getting profit from selling pups. Of cause, it does not mean that reputable breeders are willing to give their pups away free of charge. They still need to return the costs of breeding which can be very substantial. But a reputable breeder will be willing to show you all the health related documents of a breeding couple and gladly answer all your questions. Such breeders will also be willing to learn more about you, your home and your family to make sure that the pup they are giving away will be in good hands.

Picking up the right pup
Now when you’ve found a reputable breeder it’s time to get to know more about the pups. Adopting a Golden Retriever puppy you need to pay special attention to its parents. Puppies are very likely to inherit their parents’ character, health and appearance so you need to pay attention to all these things. Spend some time with a breeding pair to get a feeling of being around these dogs. Ask for their health certificates stating absence of genetic illnesses.

Now it’s time to spend time with the litter. When they notice you, pay attention to the pup that is running in front of everyone — it’s the friendliest one. Observing the litter note with one is in the center of the group — this one has the most balanced personality. Then ask to spend some time one-on-one with each pup to get the filling of its character and peculiarities.

Last piece of advice
The final thing I’d like to say about Golden Retriever puppies adoption is that it is not as complicated as it seems, but still requires right approach and some specific knowledge. So I’d encourage you not learn everything you can about this wonderful canine and become a real expert. This will not only help you to avoid the most common mistakes but also ensure many happy and joyful days with your new friend.

Archie Right is a Golden Retriever expert. For more information on Golden Retriever puppies adoption, visit

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Golden Retriever Puppies – How to Find a Healthy Pup With Great Personality

Golden Retriever Puppies – How to Find a Healthy Pup With Great Personality
By Archie Right

So you’ve decided to adopt a Golden Retriever puppy! Excellent choice! But how to tell a great pup that’ll grow up in healthy strong and intelligent dog from the pup that’ll cause you nothing but trouble? Here are some advises that helped hundreds of people choosing their perfect Golden Retriever pupp.

First of all let’s have a look at what characteristics we are looking for. Naturally, any dog owner wants a healthy dog with outstanding obedience and intelligence. You will also probably want your dog to be friendly and emotionally stable so that it could easily adapt to your family’s lifestyle. May be you’ll add something but basically that’s the list of the characteristics you are looking for in your new little friend. But before we start to look for the right pup we need to decide were to look.

Breeder vs. pet store

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that pet stores are great in many ways, but it just happened that buying Golden Retriever puppies there is not the best option. The argument against pet stores is a poor quality of puppies available there. Most of them come from the puppy mills were dogs are kept in poor conditions for money purposes only. As the result you are very likely to buy a pup in poor health with a bunch of genetic diseases that are likely to develop later in life. Another downside is that you know nothing about the breeding couple. The puppies are likely to inherit traits of their parent, so how can you know anything about the pups if you’ve never seen a breeding couple?

On the contrary, finding a respectable breeder will give you a good idea about the conditions a breeding couple is kept and get to know the character of puppy’s parents better. You’ll be able to ask breeders a bunch of questions about their dogs and find out all you need to make your decision. Don’t be shy to ask question, breeders expect it from you and actually most of them love to talk about their dogs. Be sure to find out about health condition of a breeding couple. Always ask for a health certificate stating that the dogs were checked for hip-dysplasia which is very common in this breed. There is no excuse for a reputable breeder not to show you health related papers.

Get to know your pup

Now, the best and actually the only way to get to know the puppies is to spend some time with them. First, you need to see the whole litter. When they notice you and run towards you note who approaches you first. Then take one puppy in your arms, see its reaction. It should stay calm and show no enmity to your touch. Do the same with the rest of the pups. When observing the litter, note which pup is in the center for the most of the time. You need to find the one that’s getting along well with all his peers. This pup will have the most balanced personality. When you’ve seen them as a group it’s time to spend some time one-on-one with each pup.

The best piece of advice I can give you while choosing a puppy is not to hurry. You need to give your decision a good thought and you have to be sure about the pup you are adopting. In the end of the day, you’ll have to wait one way or another before you can take your puppy home, and with life expectancy in Golden Retrievers of ten to twelve years adopting one is a lifetime commitment.


I’d also like to say a few words about the price. In most of the cases you’ll find the pup in the range from $250 to $1000. It may be even more if you are plating to adopt an offspring of, let’s say, National Champions. But keep in mind that the price of the pup is just the first expense you are going to make. It’s a good idea to consult with your local vet regarding the prices of veterinary services for the first two years of your dog’s life (just tell him you are planning on buying a Golden and want to know an approximate cost of procedures). Your other costs will include toys and different accessories and of course food. Your little puppy will grow up into a pretty big dog with pretty big stomach. Of cause all the costs should not be too high, but it’s better to take them into account before you adopt the puppy, just to be aware and not to get an unpleasant surprise.

Of course, I can hardly fit everything in one article, but I hope this information give you a clue of where and how to look for your very own perfect Golden Retriever puppy.

Archie Right is a Golden Retriever expert. For more information on Golden Retriever puppies, visit

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Golden Retriever Supplies – The Quick List of Thing to Buy Before Bringing Your Golden Home

Golden Retriever Supplies – The Quick List of Thing to Buy Before Bringing Your Golden Home
By Archie Right

The right time to think about Golden Retriever supplies is before you actually bring your puppy home. There is a number of things you need to buy to make sure your pup is comfortable and will get used to new environment quickly. Here’s the list of necessary supplies for your Golden Retriever and why you need them.

Crate or cage

Yes, I know that many people think that it’s cruel to keep a pup in a crate. But in fact it’s not true. If you think more carefully about it a crate is the shelter where your dog feels comfortable. In fact, observing your Golden as he grows you’ll see that he’s gladly coming back to his crate. You’ll also find it helpful while toilet training your puppy.

Food and water bowl

Your pup needs separate bowls for food and water. It will help him to understand when you give him something to eat or to drink and get mentally ready for it. When choosing bowls remember that your dog will tend to roll them over so they must be stable.

Collar and Leash

The first collar of your Golden doesn’t have to be strong but it should be light. Leather or nylon will be perfect. As he grows up you’ll have to buy him another one anyways. Don’t forget to attach an identification tag to it.

Leash shouldn’t be too long. A few feet will be enough. It will help you to bring your dog near you if necessary. But you may need a long leash with automatic reel in case you have a large yard. By the way, it is always a good idea to have a spear leash.

Avoid chain leashes and collars especially if your Golden is still a pup — he may try to chew them and damage his teeth. It is a good idea to attach reflector tags to both leash and collar. They’ll be very helpful during night walks.


You might need to restrict you pup’s access to some areas. Since he won’t understand (at least at first) you saying “Please don’t go there” you need to restrict the areas physically. Baby gates that are put in doorways are perfect for this purpose.


Investing in exercise pen may be a good way to provide your pup with a place to play larger than his crate. However, don’t forget that your pup can move it or crawl out of it.


Your dog needs something to play with. All the Golden Retrievers love balls. However, the playing ball should be large enough not to be accidently swallowed or not to get into Golden’s windpipe during the game. You’ll also need chew toys for your pet. Eventually you’ll find that better quality toys save you money and more fun for your dog.

Everything for Grooming

Here you’ll need:

• Shedding blade

• Pin brush

• Canine dental products

• Slicker brush

• Flea comb and tick remover

• Nail grinder of nail trimmer


Finally you’ll need to wash your Golden from time to time. It’s not a good idea to use shampoo created for people since it’s likely to cause skin and coat to dry extensively. There are plenty of products designed especially for dogs. If you have a static electricity problem try to use cream rinse after shampooing.

And don’t forget that taking care about your Golden Retriever is not only a great responsibility but also a great fun!

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