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It is essential to know about Golden Retriever health once you have decided to be a Golden owner. Keeping your dog healthy does not just depend on exercise, check ups, vaccines and food. It also depends on his water intake. Water is essential to your very active Golden. Since it composes three fourths of his body, a lack of it will cause dehydration, organs to malfunction, low blood volume, poor blood circulation, excretory problems, numbness, fainting and even heat stroke. It is also studied that dogs with poor water intake have higher risks of getting cancer, gum and dental problems. We should not underestimate the significance of water in our dog’s diet. Aside from aiding your dog’s digestion, it transports nutrients in the blood stream enabling these to reach the organs. Water is also important in regulating his body temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure. It is also vital in keeping the skin supple and the coat in good condition. Water helps in removing body wastes, preventing constipation, kidney stones and urinary tract diseases. It also protects the joints, muscles and organs by transporting oxygen to the cells. Aside from that, it is necessary in good dental health. A dry mouth is prone gum disease and other periodontal problems. Your dog’s water intake depends on his age, activity, diet and the weather. A young pup may drink less compared to an adult Golden. A dog that is always out in the sun for play, training and outdoor activities may require more water than usual. The more a dog burns up water, the more he needs to be rehydrated. A dog feeding on raw meat diet may drink less and the one feeding on dry kibble may drink more. This is because raw meat is mainly composed of 70% water. Dry kibble on the other hand can be soaked in water or served separately. Plenty of water is important especially during hot weather to prevent elevated pulse rate, fainting and heat stroke. Body temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure tends to be higher on humid days and this can be controlled by drinking ample amounts of water. On the average, a dog can consume a gallon of water each day. This is why it is just important that your dog has access to clean and fresh water throughout the day. Water should always be given after each feeding time. Now you know why water is essential for your Golden’s health. You can help him be at his best by giving him plenty of water now.


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