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Golden Retriever information is essential in choosing which type you would want to bring home. There are two types of Golden Retrievers, the American and English. Let us explore each of them and see which suits you best.

American Golden Retrievers appear slimmer and long-legged compared to their English counterpart and resembles more of the hunting dog varieties. They are also lighter in weight and less sturdy in appearance. The coat appears darker and sometimes referred to as Red Golden Retrievers which is characterized by a brass or liver color. The fur is fine and straighter. The eyes are hazel to dark brown and almond shaped. Since they are less angulated, they stand out in canine sports. They are also gifted entertainers and shine a lot when it comes to showmanship.

English Golden Retrievers appear broader, heavier and muscular compared to American Goldens. The legs are also shorter, heavy boned and sturdy. The head and muzzle is more squared while the Americans appear pointed. The coat is lighter, from yellow, light gold, to cream and sometimes referred to as white golden retrievers. The coat is also thicker and sometimes appears wavy. The eyes and nose are black and the over all built is more brawny compared to American Goldens. This is the reason why this type excels more in show ring competitions.

When it comes to actions, American Goldens are more active and energetic while English Goldens are more quiet and submissive. But when it comes to temperament, both are loving, patient and loyal companions. Both are also intelligent and highly trainable which is innate in the breed.

For some breeders, the lighter color means the more exotic the puppy is which is actually just a part of their marketing campaign. If the Golden Retriever is pure white, chances are the puppy is not pure bred. Light cream or off white is more appealing to some dog owners but rare white is just a fraud.

There are also breeders who choose to mix American and English Golden Retrievers. By doing so, all positive traits and appearance are mixed which creates more outstanding litters. The shades of litters also vary from dark and lustrous gold to off white. They produce litters that look perfect when it comes to appearance and more submissive when it comes to temperament.

Whether American or English or light cream to dark gold, the Golden Retriever breed became popular for their outstanding character and not just the good looks. This is what makes us love not just their beauty but also their Golden heart.