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Golden Retrievers for Sale. You have seen posts on bulletin boards, in newspapers, pet magazines, yellow pages and a lot more on the web. With hundreds of advertisements, where can you really find the Golden one?

If you are a first time owner and new in the Golden Retriever scene, you have to be aware of where you are going to buy your Golden. There are lots of factors that you have to consider before deciding which breeder to get your puppy from.

First factor are hereditary diseases. A lot of fatal illnesses can be acquired from the sire and dam. Illnesses such as cancer, heart and eye diseases, hip and elbow dysplasia are just some. Golden Retrievers suffering from these are not qualified to be part of the breeding program. Not just because the disease can be passed on to their pups, pregnancy can be fatal for the dam too.

Second factor is the overpopulation of dogs. The more we buy from irresponsible breeders, the more they will meet demands in producing poor quality litters. These substandard puppies usually have illnesses that cannot be treated or have not been socialized early on and develop bad behaviors. Owners of such consider surrendering these poor dogs in shelters. The cost of surgery and treatment is high or because the behavior of the dog can no longer be improved.

Third factor is the years that you want to spend with your Golden. You probably wanted to have one because you wanted a lifetime companion, a dog who will be with you for the next 10 or more years of his life. With all the hereditary diseases and poor nourishment involved, 10 years is not guaranteed if you bought your dog from a profit breeder.

Theses are the reasons why you have to screen breeders before purchasing a puppy. You have to ask for health certifications, pedigree, AKC registration, temperament test and medical records. You have to visit the breeding site and see if the pups and parents are given the best care and socialization. You have to find out if the breeder just breeds for money or for the breed’s integrity.

If you bought a pup from a reputable breeder, chances are you are getting a high quality and healthy pup right from the start. No need to surrender to shelter or spend a lot for treatments. And longer years of loyal companionship are guaranteed.