Tips For Buying Golden Retriever Toys That Work For You and Your Dog

Tips For Buying Golden Retriever Toys That Work For You and Your Dog
By Ewen Vile

Even before you take your pup home, it is essential that you buy Golden Retriever toys. Toys work wonders and are essential in housebreaking your new dog, whether a young pup or a rescued Golden. When you bring your new dog home, it is normal for him to be curious to his new environment and inquisitive in all that he sees. This inquisitiveness leads him to explore using nothing but his mouth.

This is why it is important to buy some chew toys even before your dog comes home. It teaches him to chew on the right things. When he starts nibbling on the carpet, give him a chew toy. When he chews on his leash, replace it with a toy. Don’t pull the object out of his mouth as this teaches competitive aggression. He may snap at you or worse, he learns to bite to defend his so-called property.

After taking your pup home, it is also good to observe his behavior with the toy. Some young pups may want to have a plush toy that he can carry along. Some dogs are aggressive chewers and would love to have rubber chews. Some enjoy having a squeaky bone along. Some dogs are just too intelligent and challenged with buster cubes. And some might just love to chew on ice cubes or some marrow bones.

Bored dogs learn to be unintentionally destructive and this is when a toy becomes a big help. It keeps him preoccupied, not minding your belongings while he enjoys playing with his toy. Not only that, toys are very useful in training your dog. It can be his reward when he behaves properly or a lure when you want him to move into a different position. Toys can also be used when you want to bond with your dog during play.

Some dog owners underestimate the benefits of toys for their new dogs. They later on regret depriving them toys when they starts chewing on anything… from the carpet to the sofas’ legs, remote control to running shoes and everything else that he sees. They hate the dog for learning destructive behavior. If only a toy was available.

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Buy Golden Retriever Accessories – A Shopping List For His Homecoming

Buy Golden Retriever Accessories – A Shopping List For His Homecoming
By Ewen Vile

Before taking your fur ball home, you have to make sure to buy Golden Retriever accessories that your dog needs and loves. The list is not too long, and buying these prior to his arrival gives you more time to spend with your dog during his first days at home.

Make sure to buy a leather buckled collar with tag and a leash. These are essential in keeping your dog in control while he is still not yet obedience trained. It stops him from chasing after stray cats or squirrels. You can immediately stop him from jumping up the sofa or running to and fro inside the house. A tag makes sure that he returns to you safe and sound in case he wanders away.

Buy him a stainless and paint free food and water bowl. Plastic is a choking hazard and paint contains high amount of lead. Make sure you have his dog food ready and wean him from his old brand in case you plan to switch.

Look for a durable crate or playpen. A crate teaches him to enjoy playing even when he is alone. It is also a safe haven where your dog can rest and enjoy his privacy. It is also essential for his safety during car travel. A playpen can be set in and out of the house and allows your dog to play safe even off leash.

Make sure you purchase his toothbrush, chicken flavored toothpaste, pin brush, shampoo, towels, nail cutter and file. These are essential if you want to groom him at home. A blow dryer is useful too after bathing your dog to prevent hotspots and skin allergies.

Buy him chew toys. This is as important as the rest of the items listed here. Toys will not only benefit your dog, it will save your house from getting chewed. You can purchase a durable leather bed or dog bed but old blankets will be just fine. Besides, it will just be torn up eventually.

Have a canine first aid kit handy. You’ll never know when you’re going to need one. Make sure you have a rectal thermometer, some gauze pads, bandages and antiseptic solution.

It would be best to have a good dog care book or research on hand and be sure to read it during your spare time. This keeps you on track while caring for your dog. In all cases, you can consult your vet if you have any questions regarding your dogs’ care and health. Having all the stuff he needs ahead, not just saves your time, it also makes your dog feel welcomed to his new home.

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Buy Golden Retriever Accessories – Grooming Tools to Keep Her Golden Coat Gorgeous

Buy Golden Retriever Accessories – Grooming Tools to Keep Her Golden Coat Gorgeous
By Ewen Vile

It is a must for a new Golden Retriever owner to buy Golden Retriever accessories. To keep her golden coat gorgeous, it is essential to buy grooming tools that can help ease your job. You will be surprised with the money that you can save grooming your Golden at home.

Golden Retrievers have a thick double coat. And yes, the coat sheds a lot each time the season changes and if you fail to groom her regularly. If you are a clean freak, the fuzz will really freak you out. Why would you vacuum the carpet and the sofa for several hours when you can spend five minutes a day grooming your Goldens’ coat?

Your grooming must haves are, pin brush, an undercoat rake, thinning sheers, flea comb, a good brand of dog shampoo, a blow dryer, some flea powder and dog cologne. Do not use detergent or regular human shampoos because these contain harsh chemicals that can dry up her skin and coat.

Brushing her coat at least five minutes every day minimizes the fuzz. Brush from the top of her head down to her paws following the natural flow of her fur. An undercoat rake grabs the loose fur from her coat underneath which lessens shedding. Flea comb and flea powder are especially useful in keeping the fleas off. After brushing your Goldens’ fur, give her a spray of dog cologne.

Bathing should be done as needed at least once a week. If your Golden has a lot of activities that makes her happy and dirty, she requires frequent bathing. Use a quality, medicated and mild dog shampoo that will keep her coat and skin healthy and not dry. Be sure to blow dry her coat after each bathing session to avoid allergies.

Hygienic trimming is done at least once every two weeks or as needed. If you see her hair growing longer than normal, trim it. Brush her coat first from head to paw. Follow the natural fur line and trim just right to remove all ragged edges. Brush after trimming to remove all trimmed fur.

Grooming doesn’t just minimize the fur, it is also a good bonding moment for you and her. She becomes more relaxed as the brush massages her muscles. Her coat becomes more healthy and shiny too since brushing stimulates the oil glands underneath the skin. Mats and frizz are removed which gives your Golden that neat and gorgeous look.

She now has the look of walking straight out of an expensive salon!

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Buy Golden Retriever Food That Fits

Buy Golden Retriever Food That Fits
By Ewen Vile

You can express your love to your fur ball when you buy Golden Retriever food that fits. Your dogs health and life span highly depends on the type of food he takes in. You can show your love to your dog by providing him the right food suited for a Golden dog.

Do not feed your dog just another ordinary kibble. If you will buy commercial dog food, make sure that you check the label and scrutinize the ingredients list. Check if the main ingredients came from animal protein sources. Choose the brand with a long list of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, fiber and antioxidants that are essential in maintaining good health.

If you cook healthy meals at home, it can be healthy for your dog too. Most of the nutrient requirements of dogs and humans are the same. Only the amount varies. He can take a share of your family meals and he can enjoy great tasting food from time to time. They crave variety, as they get bored eating the same food over and over.

Since Golden Retrievers are dogs and dogs originated from the wild, you can also try Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or BARF diet. This consists of raw meaty bones, fruits and vegetables. BARF is made up of 70% raw bones and meat and 30% of fresh fruits and vegetables. Since nutrients are burned during food processing and extreme heat, BARF makes all these nutrients available in fresh and natural sources.

Water is also an important component of your dogs diet. It helps in his metabolism and guarantees that nutrients will travel through the blood stream. Water also helps prevents skin allergies and constipation. Intake depends on his type of diet. If he feeds on dry kibble, he will drink more. If he feeds on raw meat, he will drink less.

You also have to be aware of the common kitchen foods that can harm your Golden buddy. Too much egg whites deplete Vitamin B. Chocolates contain high amounts of theobromine, a chemical that affects the nervous and circulatory system which can be fatal to your dog. Also stay away from feeding your dog mushrooms, raisins and grapes.

The best way that you can provide the right food for your dog is to ask your vet or animal nutritionist. This is to ensure that your dog gets the right nutrients and amounts to meet his recommended dietary allowance.

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Golden Retriever Supplies – The Quick List of Thing to Buy Before Bringing Your Golden Home by Archie Right

The right time to think about Golden Retriever supplies is before you actually bring your puppy home. There is a number of things you need to buy to make sure your pup is comfortable and will get used to new environment quickly. Here’s the list of necessary supplies for your Golden Retriever and why you need them.

Crate or cage

Yes, I know that many people think that it’s cruel to keep a pup in a crate. But in fact it’s not true. If you think more carefully about it a crate is the shelter where your dog feels comfortable. In fact, observing your Golden as he grows you’ll see that he’s gladly coming back to his crate. You’ll also find it helpful while toilet training your puppy.

Food and water bowl

Your pup needs separate bowls for food and water. It will help him to understand when you give him something to eat or to drink and get mentally ready for it. When choosing bowls remember that your dog will tend to roll them over so they must be stable.

Collar and Leash

The first collar of your Golden doesn’t have to be strong but it should be light. Leather or nylon will be perfect. As he grows up you’ll have to buy him another one anyways. Don’t forget to attach an identification tag to it.

Leash shouldn’t be too long. A few feet will be enough. It will help you to bring your dog near you if necessary. But you may need a long leash with automatic reel in case you have a large yard. By the way, it is always a good idea to have a spear leash.

Avoid chain leashes and collars especially if your Golden is still a pup — he may try to chew them and damage his teeth. It is a good idea to attach reflector tags to both leash and collar. They’ll be very helpful during night walks.


You might need to restrict you pup’s access to some areas. Since he won’t understand (at least at first) you saying “Please don’t go there” you need to restrict the areas physically. Baby gates that are put in doorways are perfect for this purpose.


Investing in exercise pen may be a good way to provide your pup with a place to play larger than his crate. However, don’t forget that your pup can move it or crawl out of it.


Your dog needs something to play with. All the Golden Retrievers love balls. However, the playing ball should be large enough not to be accidently swallowed or not to get into Golden’s windpipe during the game. You’ll also need chew toys for your pet. Eventually you’ll find that better quality toys save you money and more fun for your dog.

Everything for Grooming

Here you’ll need:
* Shedding blade
* Pin brush
* Canine dental products
* Slicker brush
* Flea comb and tick remover
* Nail grinder of nail trimmer


Finally you’ll need to wash your Golden from time to time. It’s not a good idea to use shampoo created for people since it’s likely to cause skin and coat to dry extensively. There are plenty of products designed especially for dogs. If you have a static electricity problem try to use cream rinse after shampooing.

And don’t forget that taking care about your Golden Retriever is not only a great responsibility but also a great fun!

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