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It is a must to check out Golden Retrievers information on health if you really love your golden fuzz ball. If you think you are doing your best in caring for your dog, read on this article to see if she is as healthy as she should be.

A healthy Golden’s coat is shiny, soft and lustrous, free from mats, bald spots and thinning. She should be well groomed and fur should be neatly trimmed from the head to the tail. Fleas, mites and ticks should be out of sight. Her skin should be smooth and supple, without any sores, scaling or scabs. Her muscles should be sturdy, free from lumps, redness or swelling.

Her legs should be straight and paws should be well aligned. She shouldn’t be limping and her nails and dew claws are neatly trimmed to the quick with no cracks. The sole of her paws should be clear from any cuts, burns or thorns.

Her eyes are clear, bright and free from inflammation and redness, green or yellow discharge. Her ears are pink on the inside, clean and neatly trimmed on the outside. No signs of thinning fur or scaling on the edges. It should be free from foul smell and discharge.

Her mouth, gums and tongue should be healthy pink and not pale. Sores, redness, cuts, bumps and bad breath should be absent. Her teeth should be sparkling white and free from plaque or any dark discoloration.

She should be eating normally, with no apparent signs of appetite or weight loss. She should be on the normal range at 55 to 65 pounds. Her water intake should be normal, an average of a gallon per day and depends on the weather and her activity. Her urine should be clear and not dark yellow. Her stool should be firm and brown, not loose, red or black in color. It should also be free from worms and rice grains. Her anal sac should be free from foul odor and dried stool.

She should be robust which is how a Golden should be with no signs of lethargy. She enjoys being surrounded with people and other animals. She is not aggressive and hostile when touched by strangers. She should be sociable and friendly.

Is your Golden looking healthy? Good health depends on her diet, water intake, exercise, lifestyle, vaccination and medical care. If you think you need to exert more effort on your Golden’s care, it is best to consult the one who knows best, the vet.