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White Golden Retrievers, do they really exist?  A lot are fascinated by the idea of having a White Golden and some breeders take this opportunity to sell their so-called White Goldens at a higher price. Read on and do not be fooled.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) Standard for the Golden Retriever breed’s coat is “rich, lustrous golden of various shades.” This automatically disqualifies the ones that are extremely light or extremely dark.  Meaning there is no really such a thing as a White Golden Retriever.

The closest that resembles to white are the English Golden Retrievers. The shade of their coat is light cream which almost appears as off white or light cream but not really pure white. If the fur is pure white, chances are your pup is not purebred.

The best way to predict your Golden’s coat is to look at the fur behind the ears. The coat of Golden pups appears lighter when they are still young but darkens as they age. It can also help to meet the sire and dam to see how your pup will look like when he gets old.

In case you are given a White Golden Retriever pup and you are uncertain about the pedigree, ask the breeder for proof that the parents are AKC Registered. It is possible that the puppy appears white while young and turns out to be light cream as he gets older.

The sad thing about buying a White Golden is not just the high price but the idea that you have been fooled for a mix bred dog. You cannot guarantee if the dog is free from genetic disorders and neither can you guarantee that the temperament will be the same just like the loyal, kindhearted and robust Golden Retrievers.

So next time you search for a White Golden Retriever, maybe ask for a light cream English Golden Retriever instead. The price should be the same as the other Golden Retrievers and need not be higher.

Do not patronize breeders who experiment on the breeds and still claim that theirs is purebred. The more you buy from them, the more they will be encouraged to breed poor quality Goldens and substandard species. This will result to more and more dogs suffering from genetic disorders and later on surrendered to shelters. Look for breeders who care about the integrity of the breed and the welfare of the dogs rather than just the money.

The bottom line, pick out a reputable breeder if you want a purebred, healthy and well-socialized Golden right from the start. Lastly, do not be fooled by phony breeders.


Golden Retriever puppies, we cannot help their lovable charms. He could look so angelic the moment you took him home but wait for a few days and he will become your worst nightmare, a nonstop chewing machine. Sounds scary? There is always a solution.

Puppies love to explore, and they do this using their mouths. Not just that, they chew when they are bored, feel lonely or when the gums ache because of teething.

They do not have any preference on what they feel like mouthing on or chewing. It can be your cordless phone, your plush pillows, carpet and even your used socks.  They don’t care about the price, the value, appearance or the smell of what they will chew on. They will just chew whenever they want to.

This is when puppy-proofing helps. Puppy-proofing is making your home safe for your pup and making the pup safe for your home. It is a must before taking home your new Golden puppy.

When you puppy-proof you have to remove all enticing, fragile, chewable and choking objects ahead of time. You simply have to keep them out of your puppy’s reach just to be safe from trouble. You have to lock restricted rooms, storage for household chemicals and cupboards. You have to cover all wires and cables with tape. You should spray bitter apple on your furniture and appliances. You have to keep all your clothes, shoes, laundry, blankets, table runners and children’s toys out of your puppy’s sight.

There is no use punishing your pup. He will not understand what harm he has done after chewing your $500 worth Oriental carpet. Neither can you be punished for not keeping this thing away prior his arrival.

You can always give your pup an option by buying him less expensive chew toys rather than your expensive belongings. When you catch him chewing on your property, do not pull the object away from his mouth. Entice him with the chew toy instead. This should be readily available when he arrives for him to learn to chew on the right things at an early age.

Simple obedience commands like sit, no and drop it helps a lot too. That is why it is a must to teach these to your dog a day after he arrives. Enrolling him in obedience classes will surely enhance his behavior. Keeping him busy with activities, play and toys will lessen his destructive chewing.

There is always a solution your puppy’s chewing problem and there is no better way you can do that by starting now.


Golden Retriever info search is important before deciding to have a Golden companion. It is an important factor that can predict the number of years that you will be together. Just like in marriage, you have to get to know the one that you are going to spend your life with for it to be long term.

Goldens are furry. They have two coats that shed a lot after every season. This means fuzz everywhere, from the sofa to the carpet and sometimes on your dish. This is the reason why they need to be groomed regularly.

Goldens are playful. They are very active dogs that need regular exercise and play. This means they would love someone who has the same lifestyle. If not, he can be sad, obese and suffer a lot of health disorders later on in life.

Goldens are highly sociable. They love to be around people and other animals. They are loyal companions who love to please their masters. They can be destructive when left alone for hours.

Goldens are good retrievers. This is when they were bred for, to be good retrievers. He will not just retrieve the remote control, he can retrieve dead birds or rats in the yard too. Or worst, he can retrieve your boxer shorts or filthy socks in front of your guests.

Goldens are prone to genetic disorders. You may not know if he has epilepsy, hip dysplasia, subvalvular aortic stenosis (SAS) or cancer. These are the most common diseases attacking the Golden breed.

These are just some of the concerns that one must consider before deciding to have a Golden Retriever. It does no intend to discourage but to inform a future Golden owner about what is at stake after taking the pup home. It would be such a sad story for a Golden to be surrendered to the shelter just because the owner did not know what the breed is really like.

It is not right to decide on impulse and buy just because you were fascinated with the gorgeous looks and the loveable charms of the Golden breed. You must do a thorough research and see if you are really meant for each other. It may take some time and effort but it will always be worth it in the end.

After all, love overcomes all faults. So if you really love Goldens, these issues are too small to worry about.


Golden Retreiver puppies love to dig. They dig when they are bored, when they want to feel comfortable, when the nails are long and needs some trimming or when they just feel like digging. To save your very precious organic garden from having a lot of holes, stop your dog’s digging at an early age.

How? First is to keep him busy and active all day long. Play games that will blast his boredom. Buy him toys like Buster cubes, fleece and Kongs that he can focus into. Spend time walking with him and keep him occupied.

Having him leashed allows you to stop him from digging right away. Just make sure that you take a good grip on the leash. A light tug on the leash will immediately distract him. If you want him off leash, it is a good idea placing him inside a playpen. He can still play while his freedom is limited.

He may dig because of hot weather. Your pup might just be looking for a cold and comfy spot away from the sun during summer. This is why you have to make sure that he is in a shaded area away from Mr. Sunshine. Give him a comfortable blanket to lie down on and give him access to clean water. Check him from time to time and see if he needs to be transferred to a shaded area.

It will also help if you check his nails from time to time. Long nails are itchy and uncomfortable for your pup. Snip his nails once you see that it is longer than usual and don’t forget to smoothen the edges with a nail file. This is to make sure that he doesn’t have to use the ground just to have some good snipping.

Have him obedience trained at an early age. This is to make sure that he stops when he is commanded to. Or he comes when he is called.

If you still can’t stop him from digging, or maybe it is really his nature to dig, give him the pleasure of having his own sand pit. Place a lot of toys under the sand that he can dig. Create a command that will lead him to that spot. This teaches him to dig on the right spot rather than your garden.

Keeping your home safe from your Golden pup is not a hard thing to do. All you need is a little creativity and a lot of preventive measures right from the start.