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Adopt Golden Retrievers – Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Golden Retriever

Adopt Golden Retrievers – Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Golden Retriever
By Ewen Vile

One of the best options if you’re looking for a dog is to adopt Golden Retrievers at the Rescue. There are a lot of good reasons why you have to and most of these are to your advantage.

You will pay less. You are only required to pay a minimum adoption fee and sometimes a little donation compared to buying a $600 pup. Since you are adopting an adult dog, you don’t have to go through routine vaccination, rabies shots and de-worming. Most rescued dogs have undergone all of these procedures already and if not, the rescue groups make sure they provide all the shots and medical treatment that the dogs need while waiting for adoption.

You do not have to go through the menace of puppyhood. No more three-legged chairs, torn carpets and socks, missing shoes and malfunctioning remote controls. Aside from that, you do not have to worry much about accidents, collar and leash, potty, obedience or crate training.

You do not have to wait until your pup grows up to enjoy the things that you should be enjoying now. You can take him for a car ride without worrying much about accidents or destructive behavior. You can take him swimming, hiking and during long walks and jogs. You can train him for agility, dock jump, heel work, fly ball and Frisbee without worrying about breaking his bones.

Since a rescued dog knows his basic obedience, it will be easier for you to teach him new tricks and commands. Aside from that, rescued dogs are more eager to please than usual, which means they will really exert effort to obey your instructions as a sign of gratitude.

You will get a well behaved dog. Rescued “Goldens” are socialized and obedience trained while waiting for a loving family. They also have routine temperament tests to make sure they will match their future pack. Not only that, they are already neutered and spayed. This is to make sure that they will no longer contribute to the overpopulation of dogs.

Aside from population control, neutered and spayed “Goldens” are more behaved and calm. They focus more on trainings and get least distracted. Their sexual related behaviors are tamed too. They also have lower risks of getting cancer later on in life.

You will get a loving dog. Since rescued dogs are mostly neglected by their former families, they long for love and care. Rescued dogs build deeper bonds with their new families. In addition, research proves the beneficial effects of having a loving pet to your health. Having a loving dog to your family creates harmony and positivity which has a good effect on your mood, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and pulse rate.

Adopting a rescued dog is not just to your advantage. You are saving lives too. When you adopt, you save a dog from euthanasia, you make room for other abandoned dogs and improve their quality of life. You are also taking part in discouraging profit breeders creating substandard litters that contribute to overpopulation and more “Goldens” with hereditary disease.

With all that has been said, would you consider buying a new pup or adopting a rescued dog?

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Golden Retriever Puppies – How to Teach Them Cool Tricks

Golden Retriever Puppies – How to Teach Them Cool Tricks
By Ewen Vile

Golden Retriever puppies grow up and learn so fast. After learning their basic obedience commands, the next thing that you have to teach your Golden are cool tricks that are sure to entertain not just your family but even your friends and guests.

Goldens’ are intelligent and it will not take too long for them to learn another task. Aside from that, they are born entertainers too and they love to please and perform in a crowd.

When you teach tricks to your dog, all you need is an opening command, a trick command, a closing command, a bagful of treats and a handful of praises. An opening command is his basic sit, stay, down or come command. A trick command is preferably short, composed of two words or syllables so that your dog will have a better recall. A closing command is his release command like “okay.”

Rewards are important and necessary. A piece of kibble, dog cookies or even toys can help achieve a trick. It can be used as a lure to make your dog move in different positions without using physical force and contact. Praises are important. It will always be a joy for a dog to hear he has done a great job.

Perhaps the simplest and most popular trick that you can teach your Golden is how to do a handshake. To teach him to do it, command him to sit in front of you. Place your hand in front of him. He may instantly place his paw on top of it, but if he doesn’t, lift up his paw and place it on your hand. Gently put his paw down on the ground. Repeat the same step. This time use the trick command as he lifts his paw on your palm. If he does, release him and give him his treat and praise.

You can also teach your Golden to crawl. Command him to lie flat on the ground. Allow him to sniff on the lure and move it forward. If he raises his hinds, start with the trick over again. He should be able to crawl with his belly flat on the ground. You can place your other hand under his belly to make him lie flat or press gently on his hinds. If he learns to crawl even a distance, release him and repeat, this time using the trick command. If he has done it right, give him his reward, a rub in the ear and a “good dog!”

There are many tricks that you can teach your dog. In fact, you can teach him a trick by catching him on the act. All you have to do is think of something that he usually does and say the trick word every time he does it.

For example, your dog stretches out his forelimbs down into the ground when he wakes or stands up from lying flat on the ground. When you see him do this, say “bow.” He may not instantly get it, but as he hears the word, he will be able to accompany his action with the trick command. And once he learns it, you can finish each performance with a “bow.”

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Golden Retriever Puppies – Why They Need to Be in School

Golden Retriever Puppies – Why They Need to Be in School
By Ewen Vile

Golden Retriever puppies… they are feisty, nosy and full of life. They jump on everyone and everything including your guests, sofa and visitors as a sign of welcome or dominance. They chew on your things, your socks, rubber shoes, lingerie, carpet and furniture legs. Your new pup still doesn’t have manners and he needs to learn them before he blows your house down.

This is why it is important that he learns his basic obedience commands early on. And what better way he can learn all these things by enrolling him in a puppy pre-school.

Aside from the basic sit, stay, down and no commands there are more things in store for you and your pup at the puppy pre-school. One of the most important things that he will learn is to respect the leader of the pack, and in this case, it is no other than you. If he recognizes you as the lead, he will respect you and obedience commands and other rules will not be so hard to teach to your dog.

Puppy pre-school also teaches the basics of house training, potty and crate training. If your dog knows where, when and what he is allowed to do, he will become easily adapted to your home in no time.

School doesn’t just teach obedience commands, leadership and housebreaking. It is also a good way to give your dog proper socialization and dog ethics. These are important so your dog will know how to behave in a crowd, when visitors come over and when he sees other animal owners and pets.

Your benefits… you don’t have to worry about all the damage he can do to your home when you’re out. He will have less accidents which will make you clean less. You can guarantee that your dog will not embarrass you in front of your guests. He will not run after stray cats or other animals in and outside the house. He will not jump on your bed or on the sofa. He will not chew on your things. The bottom line, he learns to be a well-behaved and submissive Golden puppy.

You may pay anything between $100 to $500 depending on the course and difficulty, but the benefits are for a lifetime. Imagine how much your imported Italian sofa, Persian carpet and Nike Air cost? It saves you from the headache and leaves you worry free that your dog is well behaved whether he sees you or not.

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How to Look for the Best Golden Retriever Breeder

How to Look for the Best Golden Retriever Breeder

Author: Brian B

Choosing the golden retriever breeder is a very important task. Since you cannot guess on how the puppy you wish to buy will grow up both emotionally and physically, you can only rely on golden retriever breeders to provide you with the best companion, playmate and pet.

You can look for golden retriever breeders in pet shops, backyards and serious hobby breeders. If this is your first time to look for a puppy, it is likely that you will first head to the pet shop. Unfortunately, that is the worst decision you could do. At dealers and pet shops, golden retriever breeders lack the ability to breed and raise dogs properly.

Backyard breeders, on the other hand, are people who own golden retrievers as pets. Backyard breeders have different reasons why they breed their pets – for money, for experience, for fun, or for other personal reasons. Unfortunately, most backyard breeders have little knowledge on how to breed with proper care and have no idea about problems associated with breeding.

The “serious hobby” golden retriever breeders are the most recommended source of a puppy because they are dedicated in breeding dogs. Majority of serious breeders take pride in producing and taking care of the finest golden retrievers possible. As a result, the puppies they produce are healthy emotionally and physically.

What You Need to Ask the Golden Retriever Breeder

When you’re looking for a golden retriever breeder, you have to consider several things to ensure you are buying a healthy dog. Make sure the breeder has personally taken care of the breeding and has knowledge in golden retriever health.

Ask the golden retriever breeder about the family background of the puppy. Let the breeder tell you about the activities the mother was involved in, including hunting, tracking, agility, obedience patterns and others.

Spend time with the puppy and examine if he is shy, fearful or tends to whimper. Examine for rashes, dull coats, eves and other signs of neglect. In addition, make sure that the golden retriever breeder is selling you a puppy aged seven weeks or more. This is important since taking the puppy away from the dam could affect his physical and emotional health.

The best way to determine if the dog breeder is selling you a healthy puppy is by taking the golden retriever to the vet for examination. The veterinarian can determine the dog’s state of health.

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Golden Retreiver puppies love to dig. They dig when they are bored, when they want to feel comfortable, when the nails are long and needs some trimming or when they just feel like digging. To save your very precious organic garden from having a lot of holes, stop your dog’s digging at an early age.

How? First is to keep him busy and active all day long. Play games that will blast his boredom. Buy him toys like Buster cubes, fleece and Kongs that he can focus into. Spend time walking with him and keep him occupied.

Having him leashed allows you to stop him from digging right away. Just make sure that you take a good grip on the leash. A light tug on the leash will immediately distract him. If you want him off leash, it is a good idea placing him inside a playpen. He can still play while his freedom is limited.

He may dig because of hot weather. Your pup might just be looking for a cold and comfy spot away from the sun during summer. This is why you have to make sure that he is in a shaded area away from Mr. Sunshine. Give him a comfortable blanket to lie down on and give him access to clean water. Check him from time to time and see if he needs to be transferred to a shaded area.

It will also help if you check his nails from time to time. Long nails are itchy and uncomfortable for your pup. Snip his nails once you see that it is longer than usual and don’t forget to smoothen the edges with a nail file. This is to make sure that he doesn’t have to use the ground just to have some good snipping.

Have him obedience trained at an early age. This is to make sure that he stops when he is commanded to. Or he comes when he is called.

If you still can’t stop him from digging, or maybe it is really his nature to dig, give him the pleasure of having his own sand pit. Place a lot of toys under the sand that he can dig. Create a command that will lead him to that spot. This teaches him to dig on the right spot rather than your garden.

Keeping your home safe from your Golden pup is not a hard thing to do. All you need is a little creativity and a lot of preventive measures right from the start.