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Before taking your fur ball home, you have to make sure to buy Golden Retriever accessories that your dog needs. The list is not too long, and buying these prior to his arrival gives you more time to spend with your dog during his first days at home.

Make sure to buy a leather buckled collar with tag and a leash. These are essential in keeping your dog in control while he is still not yet obedience trained. It stops him from chasing after stray cats or squirrels. You can immediately stop him from jumping up the sofa or running to and fro inside the house. A tag makes sure that he returns to you safe and sound in case he wanders away.

Buy him a stainless and paint free food and water bowl. Plastic is choking hazard and paint contains high amount of lead. Make sure you have his dog food ready and wean him to his old brand in case you plan to switch.

Look for a durable crate or playpen. A crate teaches him to enjoy playing even when he is alone. It is also a safe haven where your dog can rest and enjoy his privacy. It is also essential for his safety during car travel. A playpen can be set in and out of the house and allows your dog to play safe even off leash.

Make sure you purchase his toothbrush, chicken flavored toothpaste, pin brush, shampoo, towels, nail cutter and file. These are essential if you want to groom him at home. A blow dryer is useful too after bathing your dog to prevent hotspots and skin allergies.

Buy him chew toys. This is as important as the rest of the items listed here. Toys will not only benefit your dog, it will save your house from getting chewed. You can purchase a durable leather bed or dog bed but old blankets will be just fine. Besides, it will just be torn up eventually.

Have a canine first aid kit handy. You’ll never know when you’re going to need one. Make sure you have a rectal thermometer, some gauze pads, bandages and antiseptic solution.

It would be best to have a good dog care book or research on hand and be sure to read it during your spare time. This keeps you on track while caring for your dog. In all cases, you can consult your vet if you have any questions regarding your dog’s care and health. 

Having all the stuff he needs ahead not just saves your time, it also makes your dog feel welcomed to his new home.