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Another reason Why We Love Golden Retrievers.

A new heart warming story has just come out. A Golden Retriever is raising homeless kittens. Just another reason why we love Golden Retrievers.

Golden retriever raises kittens like they’re her own
By Martin Snapp
Posted: 06/26/2009 12:00:00 AM PDT
Updated: 06/27/2009 05:52:34 PM PDT

Looking for the perfect kitten? (Or better yet, a pair of kittens?) Call Rosie the golden retriever.

Rosie, who is a little over a year and a half old, raises homeless kittens for Island Cat Resources and Adoption.

If she’s in a calm mood, she’ll lie down and let them climb all over her and play with her feet.

If she’s in a playful mood, she’ll gently roll them across the floor with her nose.

If they get too rambunctious and start nipping or scratching, she’ll look up at her owner, Gail Churchill, with a look that says, “Help!” But she still lets them do it.

It all started a few months ago, when Churchill, who fosters homeless kittens for ICRA, had a litter that was so young, the kits had to be bottle-fed.

“Rosie was absolutely mesmerized and would sit by my lap while I was feeding them. As babies do, they got messy faces, and I knew mommy kitties clean their babies with their tongue. So I got the idea of holding the baby kitty up to Rosie, and she started cleaning its face.

“This went on for weeks. As they grew and started running around on the floor, she would corral them and keep them where I could see them. If one ever got out of my sight, I’d just go look for Rosie because I knew that’s where the baby was.”

Before embarking on her career as a kitten raiser, Rosie used to sleep every night right beside Churchill and her husband Jim’s bed.

“But now she insists on sleeping in the kitchen, right beside
the big kitty condo where the kittens sleep at night, so she can keep an eye on them.”

Rosie is now working on her third litter, with no end in sight. “The number of homeless kittens is exploding this year, and the rate doesn’t show any sign of slowing down,” Churchill said. “I’m fostering 15 babies right now, and so are many of our other volunteers.”

Some news reports say the problem is growing because cats are being abandoned by owners whose homes have been foreclosed, but Churchill said they’re only a tiny fraction of the homeless cat population. “We’ve seen a few abandoned pets showing up, but the kittens are coming from people not spaying or neutering their own pets or the strays showing up in their backyards.”

ICRA has no shelter — which, paradoxically, is an advantage. All the kittens are raised in foster homes instead of shelter cages, so they get highly socialized.

Rosie’s kittens are not only dog-friendly, they think of themselves as tiny golden retrievers and act accordingly. They do well in homes that already have a family dog.

Another ICRA volunteer, DeAnne Jarvis, has a very large male cat named Smokey Joe. Although he dislikes adult cats, he’s crazy about kittens. “She puts her kittens in the room with Smokey Joe, and they all nuzzle up and sleep with him, and he loves them and acts like an uncle kitty,” Churchill said. “His kittens do great in homes that already have other cats.”

Several ICRA foster homes have kids under 14, so their kittens fit right into homes with children.

One of the reasons Rosie gets along so well with kittens is that she was raised by cats: the Churchill family felines Howdy, Jackie, Jenny, Yoshi and Jacques.

One day, when Rosie was 4 months old, Churchill came home and found her standing on top of the kitchen counter.

The look on her face seemed to say it all, Churchill said: “What’s the problem? The cats do it, don’t they?”

ICRA exhibits cats and kittens ready for adoption every Saturday at Petco in Alameda from noon to 4 p.m., as well as on its Web site, Donations to ICRA can be mailed to P.O. Box 1093, Alameda CA 94501.

Reach Martin Snapp at [email protected].


For a dog lover, there is no better deed than to adopt a Golden Retriever.  Breeders breed just to meet the demands of people wanting to own a Golden. The sad fact is while more people decide to have one, more owners also neglect their dogs which results to overpopulation in the shelters.

This is one reason why potential dog owners have to rethink about their goals in owning a Golden Retriever. When they buy out of impulse and not really knowing much information about the breed, they end up disappointed and later on surrendering the dog to the shelter. You always have to know what you are getting yourself into and if you have what it takes to care for a dog.

You can make a difference. If your reason is to have a loving addition to your family, Golden Retrievers in the shelters have what it takes to be a loving family dog.  You can never gauge the love that they can give since they long for the same love and care from their previous owners.

Aside from the love, adopting an older Golden relieves you from the menace of puppyhood. Goldens in the shelters usually know their basic obedience and have already been housetrained. Volunteers provide them the training and socialization that they need while they wait to be adopted.

The only reality that you have to face is that Goldens in the shelters are not screened for genetic disorders. You cannot guarantee if he will suffer hip dysplasia, heart or eye disease and cancer later on. You can’t be certain how long he will live or if he will die from a dreaded disease.

But it really doesn’t matter how long he will live but how happy his remaining life was with you. Dying from a disease and knowing that he was loved is better than dying of euthanasia because nobody cared to love him. Dogs in shelters are euthanized each year because of overpopulation. When you take him home, you are saving his life.

When you consider buying from a breeder, think what good it can do considering adoption. You do not need to go through screening breeders and you will only pay fraction of the cost. Aside from that, you are helping alleviate the problem of dog overpopulation.

To end the story happy rather than sad, consider adopting a Golden Retriever. You’ll never know how much love they can give unless you try caring for one.