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Golden Retriever Kennels are very helpful when you plan to go out of town and cannot bring your dog along. They provide a safe and caring abode for your Golden buddy when no one is available to care for him. But it depends on the kennel or doggie residence that you leave your dog into. You also have to be careful in choosing a home away from home.

At least two weeks before your planned travel, start looking for the right kennel for your dog. The best way you can find one is not on the yellow pages but by asking your vet, dog trainer or your dog owner friends. After getting a good list near your location, start visiting the kennels one by one.

Check the facilities. How does it smell? Are the dogs placed in different crates or just in one cage? Is the place clean? Is there a place where dogs can take a walk and potty? Is the facility well maintained and well lit? Is the staff courteous? How do they treat visitors and the dogs?

A good kennel is not just a place where you can leave your dog. It is also a welcoming residence. It is not just a comfortable place to stay, it should also give him reasons to be happy. They make sure that the dogs are well taken cared of while the owner is away and assures that they will also be given right exercise and treatment.

Ask if the kennel also provides additional services like grooming and training. This is to ensure that your dog will be given the best care and education even while you out.

Sadly though, even if the facilities are clean, kennel cough virus, fleas and mites are lurking even in the neatest and tidiest kennel. Ask your vet to immunize your Golden against kennel cough. Also inquire on how your dog can prevent fleas and mites infestation.

Before dropping off your dog, you also have to prepare him. Ensure a buckled collar with ID. Make sure that he is well socialized and will not show hostility when handled by strangers. It is also advisable to update all his vaccines especially his rabies shots. Pack his goodies like his toy, blankets, food and water bowl and his dog food. This is to make him more at home during his stay. Inform the staff if your dog needs special medical or geriatric treatment ahead or if he has some bad behavior that needs to be dealt with.

When you find the right kennel, make reservations and drop off your buddy on the set date. Make a swift good bye and have a safe and worry-free trip.