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Golden Retriever: My Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retriever: My Golden Retriever Puppy, So Damn Cute

Golden retriever Puppy falling asleep

My beautiful puppy thought sleeping on the stairs was a good idea (our bigger dog does it) it proved to be a bit of a challenge though.

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Golden Retriever Puppies – Why They Need to Be in School

Golden Retriever Puppies – Why They Need to Be in School
By Ewen Vile

Golden Retriever puppies… they are feisty, nosy and full of life. They jump on everyone and everything including your guests, sofa and visitors as a sign of welcome or dominance. They chew on your things, your socks, rubber shoes, lingerie, carpet and furniture legs. Your new pup still doesn’t have manners and he needs to learn them before he blows your house down.

This is why it is important that he learns his basic obedience commands early on. And what better way he can learn all these things by enrolling him in a puppy pre-school.

Aside from the basic sit, stay, down and no commands there are more things in store for you and your pup at the puppy pre-school. One of the most important things that he will learn is to respect the leader of the pack, and in this case, it is no other than you. If he recognizes you as the lead, he will respect you and obedience commands and other rules will not be so hard to teach to your dog.

Puppy pre-school also teaches the basics of house training, potty and crate training. If your dog knows where, when and what he is allowed to do, he will become easily adapted to your home in no time.

School doesn’t just teach obedience commands, leadership and housebreaking. It is also a good way to give your dog proper socialization and dog ethics. These are important so your dog will know how to behave in a crowd, when visitors come over and when he sees other animal owners and pets.

Your benefits… you don’t have to worry about all the damage he can do to your home when you’re out. He will have less accidents which will make you clean less. You can guarantee that your dog will not embarrass you in front of your guests. He will not run after stray cats or other animals in and outside the house. He will not jump on your bed or on the sofa. He will not chew on your things. The bottom line, he learns to be a well-behaved and submissive Golden puppy.

You may pay anything between $100 to $500 depending on the course and difficulty, but the benefits are for a lifetime. Imagine how much your imported Italian sofa, Persian carpet and Nike Air cost? It saves you from the headache and leaves you worry free that your dog is well behaved whether he sees you or not.

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Golden Retriever Puppy Rescue – Is It Worth Adopting There? by Archie Right

Have you aver thought about adopting a pup from a Golden Retriever puppy rescue? Well, it is definitely a better place to adopt a pup than a pet store. And it may even be as good as adopting puppy from a reputable breeder because people at a Golden Retriever puppy rescue really care about finding new loving family for their fosterling.

To tell the truth there are not so many puppies in rescues. Adult dogs are much more common. But pups may end up in a rescue for various reasons. Sometimes officials close puppy a mill or a breeders needs to shut down their operations and find a new home for their puppies very fast. Sometimes puppies are given up by individuals for a number of reasons. Sometimes even a pregnant Golden Retriever female may be brought to the rescue or just found roaming it the streets and the rescue will have to find homes for mother and puppies.

Anyway, here is a pup in a Golden Retriever puppy rescue. What happens next? Fist of all, the pup goes through the medical examination. This will normally include de-worming process, vaccination update, elbow and hip dysplasia examination, heart-worm examination, eyes checking etc. The pup will be given respective medical help if necessary. It will also be bathed. As the part of responsible pet ownership the pup will be spayed or neutered to avoid any undesired offspring. There are already too many homeless dogs, right?

Golden Retriever puppy rescue also provides its fosterling with socialization and basic training. Some pups that end up in a rescue may have suffered abuse from humans so they need to go trough rehabilitation process to be able to adapt to conditions of their new home easier.

As you see Golden Retriever puppy rescue cares about pups almost like a reputable breeder would. The rescue will also provide you with complete results of pup’s medical examination and information about puppy’s character to make sure you understand medical and mental condition of a pup in care it’s not 100% healthy. Remember, they will have to take the pup back in case something goes wrong. It’s in their best interest to make sure you adopt a pup responsibly and consciously. So you are not buying a pig in a poke adopting from a rescue. However, the rescue will also require something from you in return.

Fist of all, it is highly plausible that you will not find a pup in your local rescue at once. You may need to be patient and wait for several weeks after submitting your application before the right pup will show up in the rescue. Second, a volunteer or rescue employee will pay you a home visit to find out if your home is appropriate for Golden Retriever puppy and if you are able to take care of it. So you’ll have to meet certain criteria.

Finally, in most cases you’ll need to pay an adoption fee in some form. Normally, it’s not high and adopting a pup from a rescue will cost you less than getting one from a reputable breeder. Recues use this money to pay the veterinary and boarding bills and actually make ends meet and run smoothly. So they’ll spend the money they got for rescuing another pup.

The Combination Approach To Feeding Your Golden Retriever

The Combination Approach To Feeding Your Golden Retriever

Author: Peter Finch

You have just got yourself a cute little Golden Retriever puppy. You are now part of a global family of dog owners. When you get a pup home, you will have to feed it as well. Here we will discuss the combination approach to feeding a Golden Retriever.

People say many different things about dog food, and its actual health value to your pet. Some say that is made up of primarily excess food grain and animal fat which cannot be used anywhere else. It also lacks essential vitamins and nutrients. Others advocate the use of dog food saying it is healthy, nutritious and wholesome.

Whatever be the case, it is always better to take up the combination approach to feeding for your Golden Retriever. This combines both fresh food along with commercial pet food. The best fresh or real food for your Golden Retriever is chicken, beef, turkey and a host of fresh raw veggies and fruits. You can also give curd, eggs, cottage cheese and brown rice to your Golden Retriever. Of these, chicken and meat contain lots of proteins and minerals.

Dogs need to have variety in their diet. You can alternate meals with fresh food twice a day and dog food once a day. This will give the dog all the nutrition it needs. Make sure to keep changing their food to get them to eat different kinds of fruits and veggies as well. Mix it in with the meat.

That is why the combination approach to feeding allows you to ensure that your Golden Retriever gets all the nourishment it needs to stay healthy. Also, be sure to include a decent amount of animal protein while feeding your dog, as they need it as part of their diet regime.

Be sure to check the label of the commercial dog food you have chosen, as there are many companies that use USFDA failed grains and rejected food grains. Be sure to avoid these products. The same applies to meat products available commercially for dogs.

Also, be careful that there are not too many preservatives in the dog food, and if there are, see that they are of natural origin. If you would not like to eat chemically rich food, why would you want your dog to eat it?

Give your Golden Retriever good food, and if you have any doubts ask your vet to suggest what he should have. He is the best person to guide you in this matter. We must remember that this combination approach to feeding is just a guideline to encompass all Golden Retrievers.

It may happen that in your particular case, the vet may suggest a different approach. It would be best to listen to him. For example, I met a Golden Retriever who had lactose intolerance. So he could not have milk. His vet realized this, and told the owner to avoid milk and related products. He is fine now.

I hope these ideas will help you get better understanding on the combination approach to feeding.

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