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3 Great Reasons On Adoption For Adult Golden Retriever

3 Great Reasons On Adoption For Adult Golden Retriever

Author: Arielson

No time for training and lacking patience to develop puppies? Choose an adult golden retriever for instant results!

First of all, your primary concern is, you may be unable to provide the necessary time and the patience to develop the learning phase together with your dog. Rearing a pet required both time and long term investment with them. It required both dedication and patience to ensure care and health are properly developed along the growing stage.

The next important concern what can be right breed of dog for the family. If you interested in introducing a family pet to the family, why not consider a golden retriever. If you have done your evaluation, you will realize that you are unable to provide adequate care for a puppy, the next thing you may consider is adoption for adult dog. An adult dog can serve to give better options based on your own situation, why not consider adoption for an adult golden retriever? Here are some great reasons and some golden retriever tips why they can be best selection choice.

Basically, as we are come to understand, a golden retriever is one of the most intelligent, obedient and loyal animal that one owner should possessed. From a young age, they are fast learner and able to adapt to the training that was provided. Once a golden retriever was exposed and experiences dog obedience training, you will realize how well they behaved. Once the golden retriever undergoes effective dog training, communication can be easy with the new owner and the family.

Great reasons on adoption for adult golden retriever

Reason#1 – Instant training both in obedience and housebreaking manners

There are several benefits with taking on an adult golden. One of them is the instant cross over skills of obedience and housebreaking. Most dogs are trained in this aspect especially with a popular family dog like a golden retriever. The owner just need to allow time for the new golden to settle in his new surroundings and get him adapted to his new found family. In the beginning, there may be some difficulty in the adjustment but in due time with the new love, devotion, appropriate attention and welcoming showered on them should help him to improve and adapt.  There are other potential issues with an adult golden. As you know, old habits die hard and golden retriever may also inherit bad habits. As new owner, you need to monitor and understand the golden retriever behavior patterns, likes and dislikes, medical history and necessary information to ensure the proper well being for your golden retriever.

Reason#2 – Instant Best friend for adult golden retriever adoption.

Ok. You should not count your eggs first. Nobody can guarantee a best friend! However, what you have started is getting an instant friend. The relationship between a golden retriever can definitely developed into a terrific bonding and strong friendship. What is important is that an adult golden retriever can connect to you as an owner immediately, while the owner on the other hand is able to provide the love, attention and the appreciation for the pet golden likewise. Most golden will grow affectionate to the owner with the care shower on them, and they will stay loyal companions while you give the utmost trust in them.

Reason#3 – Instant Compassion “Adoption Saves Life”

What you have done is doing showing compassion for animals. For reasons other than the death of the previous owner, at other times, pets like a golden retriever has been abandoned or left in shelter.  You can provide the care and consideration to these pets other than impulse buying for puppies because they are cuter! “Adoption Saves Life”: By showing your appreciation and respect the life for them.

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Golden Retriever Adoption is Pure Gold

Golden Retriever Adoption is Pure Gold by Nelson Williams

Who is man’s best friend? Books, you’d say. Right; books are the reservoirs of knowledge; they make you look intellectual; they are non-demanding… on and so forth. But has a book ever returned a smile? Has it ever jumped with happiness at your sight to make you feel important? Has it ever been a companion, not just to you but to your emotions, in those lonely hours? Books are great, but answer to all these questions is definitely a big NO!

Now think of the question again. What comes to your mind when you think of the best, most loyal, affectionate, lovable, friend and companion that a man has ever had? Any doubts….it’s none other than that adorable, four-legged fellow – The Dog.

And among dogs, who can be a better companion than the friendly Golden Retriever with an eager-to-please demeanour? The very name, with the word “golden”, brings in a touch of class. The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs that are preferred as pets. The Golden is a big, energetic, congenial and playful dog who loves his master; and becomes his master’s pride.

But the picture is not all that golden as it seems to be. There are very many Goldens who are rendered homeless due to a tragedy in their masters’ family or due to some other reasons. These are the dogs who have been with humans, lived with them, loved them and have received their love. So desertion pains them. There are many organizations that work towards the rehabilitation of these Goldens.

The happy end to a homeless Golden’s story comes in the form of adoption.

If you want a Golden Retriever as a pet for you and your family and you are looking out for one, consider adoption. Adoption will not only fulfil your dream of owning a Golden Retriever, but it will also bring back the sunshine on a pretty, desolate doggie’s face.
And here’s a whisper in your ear (lest somebody should hear) – You solve your purpose of having a dog and a whole lot of virtue comes in gratis. Who said you should always “give” to find virtue!

Jokes apart, adopting a Golden is not only a good deed, but it also has its own benefits. It costs lesser than buying a Golden. You get a dog that is already used to human company. So adjustment issues are less likely to arise. You will probably have to settle for an adult dog instead of a puppy. Doesn’t look cute? Think again. Puppies are difficult to manage and train. They can’t hold their bowl. You will have to be prepared to find your shoes, furniture, carpet and a host of other things chewed or torn.
Also, puppies need a lot of care and attention and time. With an adult golden these are not very big issues. It will take time for a puppy to actually grow up and be a companion. Adopting an adult will provide you with an instant friend. If you have very small kids, again puppies are not a very good option. It might hurt your kids. An adult golden, however is very friendly with kids.
Behavioural traits are obvious in adult dogs. So you can choose the one that best suits your need. With a puppy, you never know. You can’t be sure….you have to rely heavily on the training that you will provide.

So go ahead, lend a helping hand to a hearth less Golden and add a golden thump to the ‘good-beat’ of your heart.

Nelson Williams and his family live in Vermont. He brought home the first Golden Retriever when his now grown daughters were babies. The Williams family has bred and cared for more Golden Retrievers than they can remember. With years of experience and volumes of research, Nelson writes about selection and care at The Williams offer you their ‘Secrets of Raising Golden Retrievers’, for free at: .

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Tips For Buying Golden Retriever Toys That Work For You and Your Dog

Tips For Buying Golden Retriever Toys That Work For You and Your Dog
By Ewen Vile

Even before you take your pup home, it is essential that you buy Golden Retriever toys. Toys work wonders and are essential in housebreaking your new dog, whether a young pup or a rescued Golden. When you bring your new dog home, it is normal for him to be curious to his new environment and inquisitive in all that he sees. This inquisitiveness leads him to explore using nothing but his mouth.

This is why it is important to buy some chew toys even before your dog comes home. It teaches him to chew on the right things. When he starts nibbling on the carpet, give him a chew toy. When he chews on his leash, replace it with a toy. Don’t pull the object out of his mouth as this teaches competitive aggression. He may snap at you or worse, he learns to bite to defend his so-called property.

After taking your pup home, it is also good to observe his behavior with the toy. Some young pups may want to have a plush toy that he can carry along. Some dogs are aggressive chewers and would love to have rubber chews. Some enjoy having a squeaky bone along. Some dogs are just too intelligent and challenged with buster cubes. And some might just love to chew on ice cubes or some marrow bones.

Bored dogs learn to be unintentionally destructive and this is when a toy becomes a big help. It keeps him preoccupied, not minding your belongings while he enjoys playing with his toy. Not only that, toys are very useful in training your dog. It can be his reward when he behaves properly or a lure when you want him to move into a different position. Toys can also be used when you want to bond with your dog during play.

Some dog owners underestimate the benefits of toys for their new dogs. They later on regret depriving them toys when they starts chewing on anything… from the carpet to the sofas’ legs, remote control to running shoes and everything else that he sees. They hate the dog for learning destructive behavior. If only a toy was available.

For video and reading about what Golden Retrievers get up to, and for more tips on buying a Golden Retriever, go to

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Adopt Golden Retrievers – How to Help Your Rescued Dog Adjust

Adopt Golden Retrievers – How to Help Your Rescued Dog Adjust
By Ewen Vile

After new owners adopt Golden Retrievers, one important thing that they have to learn is to help the dog adjust to his new home. It may take two weeks or longer for some until he becomes fully adapted. These two weeks or more play an important factor on how you and your dog will get along. This is your start to build a lifelong relationship.

It may not be easy at the start. Your new dog is in a new home, were there are new people, new surroundings and new rules that need to be followed. The place is far different from the cages and kennels that he wakes up with everyday. The sounds are different, quieter than the usual barking of other dogs that he used to hear. The smell is far better, with a meal being cooked in the kitchen compared to the foul smell of dogs whose bathing sessions are overdue.

Your new dog may have mixed emotions. From excitement knowing that he is finally in a loving home. He may be afraid being away from his so-called home for the last five months. Expect him jumping out of excitement, accidents happening because he doesn’t know yet where he should potty, exploring and chewing on things and a little bit of howling at night time.

This is why it is important to prepare everything and everyone even before you take him home. Buy his essentials, read dog care books, educate the family and puppy proof your home. When he comes home, it is necessary that he should be on a leash to make sure that you will be able to supervise all his actions.

His first day is the start of establishing new rules and schedules. Before taking him inside, introduce his potty spot, show him his crate, toys and the new people that he will interact with everyday. Make sure he has his chew toys to avoid chewing on your belongings.

Create a schedule to help him adapt and set rules that everyone must follow. No tug of war, wrestling or jumping. There is only one potty spot. Do not give scrap food. Do not yell at the dog. Do not entice or tease the dog to be aggressive.

Enroll him in obedience class and make sure to socialize your dog. Establish yourself as the alpha lead and play games that will build leadership. Do not let your new dog wander around the house off leash and never leave him unattended. You’ll never know what he is capable of doing while you’re away.

Be consistent with training, schedule, rules, discipline and reinforcement. Always praise and reward your dog for good deeds and right behavior. Make sure you give rewards on the right time and avoid unintentional approvals for bad behavior.

In all cases, be patient. No dog is perfect and he may commit mistakes from time to time. But as long as he feels loved and cared for, it won’t take too long until he becomes adjusted to your home. And he will forever show gratitude for your kindness in taking him into your home and hearts.

For video and reading about what Golden Retrievers get up to, and for more tips on buying a Golden Retriever, go to

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Golden Retriever Puppies and the Importance of the Right Communication

Golden Retriever Puppies and the Importance of the Right Communication
By Ewen Vile

The best way to communicate with Golden Retriever puppies is to see the world as they see it. The only way that you can recognize how your dog feels is to learn and understand his nature. This is essential in building a strong bond and lasting relationship for you and your dog.

Dogs are pack animals and they thrive in the security of their pack. Imagine how sad it is for a young pup to be taken away from his mother and litter mates. Being in a new home and a new environment leaves him with all the uncertainties and makes him feel that he is in deep danger.

This is the reason why your dog whines or howls during his first nights at home. He is calling his pack and only longs to be reunited with them. He has to feel security and this is something that you have to give because your family is his new pack. He needs to feel a sense of belonging in the group.

If he chews on your shoes or your shirt while you are away, it only means that he misses you. He wanted to sniff and mouth on something with the scent of his master. This is how he finds comfort when he feels lonely. Goldens’ are very sociable animals and they don’t want to be left alone for a long time.

Pack animals have leaders. Since you are his new pack, you have to assume the lead. This is one important thing that you have to instill to your dog at an early age. Simple things like stopping him from jumping on the sofa or running ahead of you on a leash are his ways of expressing dominant behavior.

Establish leadership by playing games that will develop his trust, confidence and respect in you. If he walks ahead of you, stop him with a slight tug on the leash and a simple command that will be easy for him to recall.

Our language is a foreign language to them. When you tell your puppy to shut up when he is crying at night, he will not understand. But when you give him a safe place to sleep, a toy for company and a blanket to keep him warm he will understand it more knowing that you are trying your best to keep him comfortable and welcomed in your house.

By understanding that dogs are dogs and not humans, we learn to communicate with our dogs better.

For seeing and reading about what Golden Retrievers get up to, and for more tips on training a Golden Retriever, go to

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