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Guidelines for a Good Golden Retriever Breeder by Michael Corben

Golden retriever is a unique breed of dog. This type of dog is known for its intelligence, patience, and charm. Golden retrievers are also very playful, cuddly, and lovable. These traits made this dog the number one favorite of Americans. Similar to any other Americans, golden retriever breeders breed this type of dog because of their aforementioned characteristics. Breeding goldens does not only bring joy and satisfaction to any golden retriever breeder, but it also does give them a huge profit. This is made true by the obvious fact that there are a lot of dog lovers who would want to have their own golden retriever. Buying a golden retriever puppy will definitely cost you some cash. The older the dog is, the higher its value becomes.

With these facts at hand, it will not be a question if anyone would want to become a breeder of golden retrievers. But mind you, breeding goldens is not that easy. Before someone becomes a reputable breeder, there are a lot of things that he needs to consider. If you want to breed retrievers, you must make sure that you are knowledgeable about all the important information about the breed. Like any other breeds of dogs, golden retrievers are also prone to developing congenital anomalies if breeding is not done properly. Any trustworthy breeder should know the basic protocols of proper breeding. Dog raising experience is also very important if you would want to become a breeder. If you do not have sufficient experience in puppy raising, specifically on golden retriever puppies, then there is a huge chance that you will just end up loosing those lovely puppies and putting all your hard works, time, and money to waste. Your experience in successful puppy raising is a huge help in order to become a reputable breeder.

Before even thinking about becoming a golden retriever breeder, have a thorough assessment of your own self. Identify your reasons why you would want to become a breeder. If you are doing it merely just because of money then you should not start to breed at all. In order to become a successful breeder, you need to have a genuine compassion for the breed. Breeding just for the sake of making money out of it will not do any good, both for you and the welfare of your future puppies. Breeding retrievers requires compassion and genuine love for the breed.

Michael Corben has been in the golden retriever business for more than 20 years. If you’d like to learn more on breeding golden retrievers, visit

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Characteristics Of Reputable Golden Retriever Breeders

Characteristics Of Reputable Golden Retriever Breeders

Author: Peter Finch

Many of us would like to own a golden retriever. Therefore it is important to choose the right puppy. Now we do not know what the puppy would turn out to be in future. To ensure that you pick up the right one, which may turn out to be physically and emotionally stable, you need to opt for a puppy from a reputable breeder.

What are the characteristics of a reputable breeder?

Make sure you purchase your golden retriever from a reputable breeder. Following are certain options you would like to consider while finalizing the golden retriever puppy -

1. Dealer or pet shop – To be very honest, pet shops are not the ideal place to select a puppy from. Most pet shops look at high profit and returns. Unfortunately, they may not give enough attention to the quality of the breed.

2. Backyard Breeders – Again this may not be one of the best choices. A backyard breeder also may not be aware of the characteristics of a reputable breeder. Backyard breeders usually own a few golden retrievers and look forward to breeding their females for puppies.

They may be doing it for money or fun, or possibly both. One cannot also pay a high regard to their knowledge about the breed in general. Usually backyard breeders are also not aware of problems associated with breeding.

3. Hobby Breeders – This is the best option so far. Hobby breeders are committed and loyal and they really consider this to be more than their hobby. Hobby breeders care a lot about quality and are really aware of the characteristics of a reputable breeder.

While they are aware of the commercial gains that would ensue from the transactions, they would probably take better care in ensuring that you get a fine golden retriever puppy to take home. Besides, they accept responsibility of the golden retrievers puppies that they breed.

What you need to do

- Ensure that you see the mother, and if possible the father as well. This will give you a fair idea of the pedigree of the golden retriever.

- Ask the breeder for health certificates of both the mother and the father, to ensure that the breed does not have any health problems. This is one of the most important ways to check the characteristics of a reputable breeder.

- A golden retriever puppy is usually confident and inquisitive. It also grows up to be a 70-pound easily trainable dog that can socialize with all.

- A golden retriever puppy from a reputable breeder usually has a lighter coat. The color varies a little when they are fully grown. If you would like to check the color when you are buying the puppy, check the fur on the ears. Also a look at the parents will give you an estimation of the true color

- It is also important to ask more about the puppy when you are purchasing one. Also documents like health certificates and kennel club registrations need to be in place.

A simple search on the Internet can provide you with more details on the characteristics of a reputable breeder. So, what is stopping you? Go ahead and adopt golden retriever for you and your family.

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How to Look for the Best Golden Retriever Breeder

How to Look for the Best Golden Retriever Breeder

Author: Brian B

Choosing the golden retriever breeder is a very important task. Since you cannot guess on how the puppy you wish to buy will grow up both emotionally and physically, you can only rely on golden retriever breeders to provide you with the best companion, playmate and pet.

You can look for golden retriever breeders in pet shops, backyards and serious hobby breeders. If this is your first time to look for a puppy, it is likely that you will first head to the pet shop. Unfortunately, that is the worst decision you could do. At dealers and pet shops, golden retriever breeders lack the ability to breed and raise dogs properly.

Backyard breeders, on the other hand, are people who own golden retrievers as pets. Backyard breeders have different reasons why they breed their pets – for money, for experience, for fun, or for other personal reasons. Unfortunately, most backyard breeders have little knowledge on how to breed with proper care and have no idea about problems associated with breeding.

The “serious hobby” golden retriever breeders are the most recommended source of a puppy because they are dedicated in breeding dogs. Majority of serious breeders take pride in producing and taking care of the finest golden retrievers possible. As a result, the puppies they produce are healthy emotionally and physically.

What You Need to Ask the Golden Retriever Breeder

When you’re looking for a golden retriever breeder, you have to consider several things to ensure you are buying a healthy dog. Make sure the breeder has personally taken care of the breeding and has knowledge in golden retriever health.

Ask the golden retriever breeder about the family background of the puppy. Let the breeder tell you about the activities the mother was involved in, including hunting, tracking, agility, obedience patterns and others.

Spend time with the puppy and examine if he is shy, fearful or tends to whimper. Examine for rashes, dull coats, eves and other signs of neglect. In addition, make sure that the golden retriever breeder is selling you a puppy aged seven weeks or more. This is important since taking the puppy away from the dam could affect his physical and emotional health.

The best way to determine if the dog breeder is selling you a healthy puppy is by taking the golden retriever to the vet for examination. The veterinarian can determine the dog’s state of health.

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A Guide For Breeding Golden Retrievers

A Guide For Breeding Golden Retrievers by Laurence Burrows

Breeding golden retrievers is a lot more complex than it sounds. There is a wide gap between a ‘backyard breeder’ and a legitimate ‘serious hobby breeder’. The extra work in becoming a reputable breeder contributes a service to the breed, the customer, and the quality of life of each dog.

Knowing the Breed Standard is the first step in becoming a quality breeder. The Breed Standard describes all aspects of the perfect golden retriever and serves to maintain the breed. Any reputable breeder uses the Breed Standard as a basis for his/her breeding program. It is important to know that the Breed Standards for American and British goldens are different. The first question is to decide whether to breed American or British style goldens. One can find the American guidelines at the American Kennel Club (AKC) web site. The British rules can be found at the KC (The Kennel Club) web site.

Another cornerstone of breeding these noble dogs is their health. Most health issues that afflict golden retrievers are related to genetics, and therefore, directly related to breeding. In order to prevent health issues in puppies, the parents and ancestors of the litter must be cleared of having these illnesses. The most common health problems are hip and elbow dysplasia, heart problems, eye issues such as cataracts, and cancer. Any breeding pair should have OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certification for hips, knees, and the heart. They should also have CERF certification for the eyes. In addition, make sure all dogs have been vaccinated and de-wormed. Records should be kept to verify the health of the dogs. It is standard for a quality breeder to provide a guarantee so the customer can return the dog within a reasonable time frame.

A good breeder in America should be a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America, an all-breed club, a local Golden Retriever club, or all three. It is recommended to maintain a record of a 3-to 5-generation pedigree to verify that the dogs are purebred goldens. It is also recommended to have an AKC registration application for each puppy to apply for registration in the name of the breeder. A good breeder can provide registered names and AKC numbers of the parents of each litter and puppy. Keep in mind, charging extra for papers is against AKC rules.

Goldens are naturally talented dogs! Having the dogs involved in the show ring, obedience and agility competitions, and hunting and tracking trials, adds to the credibility of the dogs and the breeding program. Famously active and large in size, it is essential to have a lot of outdoor space for goldens. Since it is so important for the customer, any prospective buyer should be allowed to spend time with the parents of each puppy. Puppies should be socialized at a young age, since a breeder would not want to sell little monsters to the customers! As a rule of thumb, puppies should not be sold under 7 weeks of age. It is considerate for a breeder to provide a written set of instructions on training, care, and feeding.

Breeding golden retrievers is a full time job. A breeder must be prepared and committed for whelping and raising a litter of 8-12 puppies. Having clean, warm, and adequate facilities is essential. Overseeing breeding, veterinary care, cleaning, paperwork, socializing puppies, feeding, and sales require a lot of hours and hard work. Breeding is not a walk in the park, and having a lot of passion for dogs is a prerequisite for this job. It is lucky that goldens are so good at returning this love!

Laurence Burrows is a golden retriever lover, and trainer. For more great tips on breeding golden retrievers, visit

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Finding a Quality Golden Retriever Breeder

Finding a Quality Golden Retriever Breeder
By Laurence Burrows

Who does not love the golden retriever? Loyal, friendly, and full of energy, the golden retriever is truly a man’s best friend. They can be service dogs including guide dogs, hunting dogs, and are always great family pets. However, how do you find the right golden retriever? Once he’s off and running, he’ll be a fuzzy blur of canine non-stop energy. Indeed you may find it hard to keep up with him. It’s a wise parent, though, who prepares ahead of time. You have heard the horror stories about crowded pet stores, and puppy mills. You want the perfect puppy, so you have decided to look for a breeder. Since you don’t own any dog show champions, how do you find a quality breeder?

Any breeder just won’t do. Indeed, the popular golden has become so over-breed for-profit, that aggression has showed up in some lines lately. Imagine, the golden retriever, so famous for its friendliness and gentleness involved in biting incidents! Bad breeding has also caused a lot of health problems for this noble breed of dog. Genetic related problems like hip dysplasia, bad elbows, and cataracts have all become more common due to bad breeding. Also, cancer is the leading cause of death for goldens. Any reputable breeder will have had his/her goldens checked by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), or PennHIP, for hip dysplasia and will have the papers to prove it. These tests involve X-rays to check for this disease using an established diagnostic protocol.

It is important to spend time with the parents of any puppy you are interested in. A quality breeder will have no problem with someone visiting the breeding pair of each puppy. That will help you determine the future look, personality, and health of the dog you are purchasing. It is important to know the pedigree of your puppy, especially because most health problems in goldens are genetically related. A quality breeder will be proud of his/her dogs and breeding program, and will be concerned with finding good homes for the golden retrievers. A good breeder will offer a puppy guarantee and will allow you to return your dog if things don’t work out.

You’ve decided to visit a breeder, but you don’t know how to tell one breeder from another (the good from the bad!). So, just how do you evaluate a good breeder? Many people ask this same question the first time they visit a Golden Retriever breeder. It’s natural, as you may feel bewildered as to what types of intelligent and crucial questions you should ask.

1. How long have you owned Golden Retrievers?

2. How long have you been breeding them?

3. Why do you own them? Do you show them or are they kept as family pets?

4. Do you have a written contract and a puppy guarantee?

5. At what age do the puppies go home with me?

6. Are your puppies whelped in your home?

7. Can I see and spend time with the puppy’s parents?

8. In your years of handling these dogs, what health concerns seem to reappear?

9. Have your golden retrievers been tested by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), or PennHIP, for hip dysplasia?

Laurence Burrows is a golden retriever lover, and trainer. For more great tips on finding a quality Golden Retriever Breeder, visit

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