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Could That Labrador/Golden Retriever Puppy be a Future Life Saver?

Could That Labrador/Golden Retriever Puppy be a Future Life Saver?

Author: gggorosin22

It has long been known that some crossbreeds seem to do better than their parents of either breed. It’s a question of finding which breeds cross best with other breeds. Some of these crossbreeds even go on to become established breeds in their own right. One of the mist successful crossbreeds in dogs is seen in the Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy, also known as Golden Labrador Retrievers. Even at an early age, they readily show the best of both the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever.

The Perfect Personality?

Both Labrador and Golden Retrievers are dogs that love people and are eager to please. Keep in mind that not every one is alike, and bad training will always make a bad, fearful dog (no matter what breed), but on the whole, a Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy is a born people watcher. They are fascinated by people and seem to identify with them. They also have a lot of strength and energy, which comes in handy for service and search and rescue dogs.

Best Seeing Eye Dogs

According to service dog experts and charities that train seeing eye dogs in England, the best dog for the job is a Labrador/Golden retriever crossbred. There is a strict breeding program run in England by Guide Dogs to raise dogs to be seeing eye dogs. A Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy is first tested at about eight weeks of age to see what his personality is like.

Their training never really stops. Many a Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy fails the program and is put up for adoption as a pet. To take a Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy and turn out a dependable life-saver costs an average of $70,000 (US). They work until old age or illness forces them to retire, and then they are placed in care homes for the rest of their lives.

Other Facts

Although many online Labrador puppies information web sites will say that a Golden Labrador is always yellow, this is not true. Every now and then there is a black or chocolate Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy born. You can register your Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy with the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Every day, ther is a newborn Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy who makes that first step to being a drug sniffing dog, cancer sniffing dog, service dog or a search and rescue dog. They all can rescue us from ourselves and our selfishness and help give our souls back to ourselves.

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Training Golden Retriever – 3 Training Golden R Best Training Activities On Roll!

Training Golden Retriever – 3 Best Training Activities On Roll!

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

Now that you’ve brought a Golden Retriever into your home and family, you’ll want the reassurance that it will be a positive addition, not a constant bother. Here are some training tips for your Golden Retriever.

When you consider training your new Golden Retriever, know that there are different types of training that address different aspects of your dogs personality and conduct.

Behavior training is the approach where you teach your Golden Retriever to be a good dog in general. This may include house breaking, welcoming visitors (be they people or other animals), leash training, and types of training that make your Golden Retriever a better companion. The way you relate to your dog will determine much of his way of relating to his world. If you’re nervous and excitable and communicate those traits, your Golden Retriever will be nervous and excitable. On the other hand, if you speak softly and remain calm, your Golden Retriever will be a more laid-back dog.

Activity training teaches your Golden Retriever how to accomplish specific tasks like agility training, search and rescue, hunting, disability support, and herding. Golden Retrievers are strong athletic dogs that enjoy frequent exercise. They’re also smart dogs that appreciate being challenged and competing against other dogs for recognition and rewards. Of course, you’ll have the best luck if you select activities appropriate to the breed like guiding people, field trials, and service.
Goldens were first bred in Great Britain in the 1800s as a game-retrieving dog, so games that mimic finding and returning “game” like a frisbee are perfect for your Golden Retriever. Remember that Goldens are high-energy dogs that need to burn a lot of exercise on a daily basis. Active, challenging tasks are perfect to keep them happy and healthy and to maintain a balance temperament. Golden Retrievers are comfortable with routines and adapt easily to schedules where they know what to expect at certain times of day.

Obedience training focuses on the dog’s specific responses to specific commands. Obedience training promotes well-behaved, easily controlled Golden Retrievers. Goldens in obedience training learn how to listen to and carry out your commands (like “sit,” “heel,” and “Stay”), how to interpret hand signals and tone of voice, and appropriate responses to each command. Successful obedience training will give your Golden a head start on other types of training.

You should know that, due to their popularity, Golden Retriever characteristics and health issues have been changing. Possible over-breeding has created some problems not traditionally associated with Goldens. For example, while most Golden Retrievers are happy, socially outgoing, and anxious to please, more and more of this breed are overly aggressive or very shy, contradicting expectations. Because they are so loving, some Goldens suffer from separation anxiety. This can present behavioral problems that need additional or specialized training.

Getting your Golden enough exercise and enough mental stimulation is critical to good behavior. A Golden who’s left indoors or alone much of the time is likely to be nervous, temperamental, and hard to handle. Daily walks are critical, and more vigorous exercise is advisable.

Goldens are also very smart dogs. They pick up new behaviors quickly and remember them well. They are anxious to please and will respond well to generous praise and affection as rewards for jobs well done. With proper training in all three areas – behavior, activity, and obedience – your Golden Retriever will be an ideal companion that will share many happy years with you.

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Golden Retriever Information – Is it the Right Breed For You?

Golden Retriever Information – Is it the Right Breed For You?
By Archie Right

Now you are about to discover a great-devoted-dog-friend such as the Golden Retriever. At this starting point, I’m offering you a piece of general information on one of America’s most popular canines. The breed was originally developed in Scotland in the attempt of Sir Dudley Marrjoribal (first Baron Tweedmouth) to create an ultimate hunting dog. The original Yellow Retriever was crossed with a Tweed Water Spaniel (which is now extinct). By later crossings with Irish Setter and Sandy-colored Bloodhound as well as several more crossings started a bloodline of amazing golden-colored dogs with excellent abilities to retrieve shot waterfowl and upland game birds. According to official information Golden Retriever was first brought to North America in 1881 and by now some variations exist between American, British and Canadian types.

The Golden Retriever is a dog of medium-large size with robust built, a very sweet face and amazing bright eyes. Males are 22-24 inches high and weight about 60-80 pounds. Females are a bit smaller with 20 to 22 inches height and 55-70 pounds of weight. The canine has distinct golden or sometimes white colored coat and waterproof undercoat.

The Goldens are famous for their amazing character. Gentle, eager to please, playful and always happy they enjoy being with people and learning new tricks. They are very good and patient with children and love other pets. They are also known as excellent substitute mothers for other species. Not only kittens but even tiger cubs are well taken care of by the Goldens. In some cases the mother may even produce milk for adoptee even though she has not been nursing or pregnant recently.

With their high energy level and desire to please their owners Golden Retrievers are widely used as service dogs for search and rescue like police search operation or finding people in an avalanche. Having excellent retrieving abilities these dogs are great in all the dog games like catching ball or Frisbee as well as at hunting sessions. With their great love for water these dogs just adore swimming and use every opportunity for it.

With all these great abilities, a great responsibility comes for a retriever’s owner. Your Golden will not just be willing to exercise; he actually needs it to preserve his physical and metal health. For this reason Golden Retriever may be not the perfect dog for apartment keeping and elderly people. Considering adopting a Golden, make sure you have time and place for your dog to exercise.

Average Golden Retriever’s life expectancy is 10 to 12 years. Like many other dogs they do suffer from different diseases the most common of which are cancer, hip dysplasia and cataract. The best way to reduce these risks is to adopt a dog from a reputable breeder and make sure that a breeding couple has OFA and CERF certificates stating that the dogs are in good health. In this case they are less likely to pass any genetic diseases to their offspring. Fattening is also very common to Golden Retrievers. These dogs just love to eat, eat and eat! Of course the best way to deal with the problem is not to grant your dog an unlimited access to the food source but to feed it on schedule.

Golden Retrievers require regular grooming about two times a week and yes, they shed a lot, making them less appropriate for allergic people.

Archie Right is a Golden Retriever expert. For more great information on Golden Retrievers, visit

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AKC Golden Retriever – Is it Really Worth Adopting an AKC Golden?

AKC Golden Retriever – Is it Really Worth Adopting an AKC Golden?
By Archie Right

At this point you’ve probably decided to adopt a Golden Retriever puppy from a breeder rather than go to a pet store. But does it really matter if it is going to be an AKC Golden Retriever or any other Golden puppy you can find? Are there really so much benefits in owning AKC Golden Retriever? Well, if you have a closer look at it you’ll probably find that it is definitely worth going for AKC Golden.

And there are several reasons for it. As you probably know (or will find out very soon) you dog’s health is the major issue that will determine quality of life for you and your dog for the next decade or more. In Golden Retrievers, like in many other canines, hereditary diseases are fairly common. So the smartest method of disease prevention is adopting a dog with the quality bloodline. For this reason it is always good to know that you are adopting a purebred.

While enjoying your time together, you may also want to participate in different events and competitions with your dog. Finally, you might need support, advice, canine search-and-rescue or may want to contribute to development of Golden Retriever community or participate in responsible dog ownership program. You can have all these features by adopting an AKC Golden Retriever and applying for AKC membership.

So, why AKC Golden Retrievers are so great? To get an idea about this organization here are several facts. Fist of all American Kennel Club is the biggest purebred registry in the world. And it is a non-profit organization, meaning that all the fund it receives are directed for thing like veterinary scholarships, events sponsorship, support of volunteers and teachers who teach responsible dog ownership, support of AKC Canine Healthcare Foundation etc. What does it have to do with your Golden? Well, let’s have a look at how AKC addresses bloodline quality issues.

Although AKC does not have specific health standards for its members, it is the only organization that conducts regular investigation and inspections among the member-breeders to make sure the conditions are appropriate for the dogs as well as in order to examine them. This can be not only routine inspections but also those based on written complains (such complaint-based inspections ensures customer satisfaction in a way). Moreover, the inspectors conduct DNA testing to make sure that pedigree is kept accurately and all the breeding documents regarding bloodlines are in order.

Despite the fact, that AKC has no penal or regulatory authority it still has certain means of influence on breeders who won’t comply with organization quality standards. If the differences are minor they will be noted and discussed with a breeder. The breeder is expected to take care of the issues before the next inspection. In case a breeder has major kennel differences some AKC privileges (like participation in events and ability or register puppies with AKC) may be lost. In some case ACK might even have to contact appropriate law enforcement authorities and suspend an AKC registration.

Now, of cause, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to check health certificates or spend enough time with a breeding pair and puppies to learn everything you can about them before adopting from an AKC breeder. But it measures mean that the organization is permanently working toward preserving and improving quality of purebred dogs. Adopting an AKC Golden Retriever significantly increases your chances for becoming an owner of a happy healthy dog which will bring you many years of joy. Owning a Golden Retriever is fun, but owning a beautiful purebred AKC Golden Retriever that is up to the highest standards of this amazing canine with all its great characteristics is just incredible.

Archie Right is a Golden Retriever expert. For more information on AKC Golden Retriever, visit

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Golden Retriever Breed – Do You Really Need to Know Anything About It?

Golden Retriever Breed – Do You Really Need to Know Anything About It?
By Archie Right

Golden Retriever breed is extremely popular in the US and all over the world. Hundreds of people adopt Goldens every day and most of them have very limited knowledge about this canine. However, I believe that it is vitally important to learn everything you can about Golden Retriever breed and to find out if it is the right one for you.

Why do you want a dog?
First of all let’s find out why do you want to adopt a dog? If you need a watchdog then Golden Retriever is not the right choice. Golden is anything but a watchdog. The breed is famous for its friendliness and love for people. Have a look at the Golden when he’s barking at the door. Do you see that tale waiving asking “Will you play with me?” So if you need a watchdog better start looking for another breed.

Space and Exercises
The Goldens are famous not only for great personality but also for being very active. Of course, your Golden will become less active as he ages, but normally he needs to exercise a lot! And of course it requires your time. Don’t forget, Golden Retriever was originally bred as a hunting dog so exercises are absolutely necessary for his physical and mental health. The best conditions for your Golden are a medium or large-sized yard. But it’s also acceptable to keep Golden in the apartment if you give him enough opportunity to exercise outdoors.

Your dog will love long walks, jogging, running by the bicycle and of course swimming. The Goldens love to swim and will be grateful for every opportunity to do it. They are also extremely good in all types of dog games. Perhaps, Golden is not the best dog for elderly people because of their activity. But they are widely used as service dogs, in search and rescue operations and sometimes as guiding dogs for blind people.

Famous character
As it was mentioned above, Golden Retrievers are extremely friendly. But they are also very intelligent and loving animals. Goldens start loving you almost immediately, and not only you but all your family members and even pets. They are very good with children and friendly to strangers. And they are extremely obedient and willing to please their owners. Actually, the first winner of AKC Obedience Trials was a female Golden Retriever. Goldens are also sometimes used to take care about kittens, puppies of other dogs or even tiger cubs. They may even start producing milk for the adoptee without being pregnant or nursing recently.

The Goldens require grooming once or twice a week. Even with regular grooming they still shed. It makes them less appropriate for allergic people. They tend to chew, especially puppies, and actually may preserve this habit through the rest of their lives. So you need to take care about proper chew toys.

Health issues
There are some health issues you need to be aware of before adopting a Golden. There’s a bunch of hereditary diseases that are common in Goldens like hip dysplasia, cataract and the Von Willebrand disease. To minimize risks of such diseases it’s better to adopt a dog from a reputable breeder and always check health certificates of a breeding pair. Skin allergies are also common in Goldens and are mainly caused by insect bites. The leading cause of untimely death in Golden Retriever is cancer.

Finally, let’s not forget about the costs related to owning a Golden Retriever. A Golden Retriever pup from a reputable breeder will normally cost from $250 to $1000 but it’s only the first expense you are going to make. You’ll need to buy toys, food and water bowl, leash (or leashes to be exact), grooming instruments and of course food. Golden is a big dog, and big dogs love to eat a lot. Finally, don’t forget about vet bills for injections and regular checks.

Well, if after all you still think Golden Retriever is the right breed for you, then my congratulations, you are about to become a happy owner of the America’s favorite dog!

Archie Right is a Golden Retriever expert. For more information on Golden Retriever breed, visit

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