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Adopt a Golden Retriever

Adopt a Golden Retriever
By Ewen Vile

The first question that comes to mind is why adopt a Golden Retriever? It is a good question but once you are aware about the breed you will want to adopt one too. It is advisable that you do proper research before selecting the place or kennel from where you can get a good one. Kennel is the place where dogs are born and brought up. This is the reason why you need to be careful in selecting the kennel.

You’ll find it to be a beautiful, smart and sturdy dog. As the name suggests, it has fur coating that is light golden to dark gold and it is water repellent as well. The head is broad and the nose is black. Eyes are brown with dark rims and the eyes of a Golden Retriever give you the clear impression that this breed is kind hearted. The ears are neither too big nor too small. Neck and thighs are muscular and the chest is open.

Golden Retriever has been given the tag of the worlds friendliest dog. Over and above this, it’s very talented and smart and they are great companions. Renowned for their cheerful personality and hearty desire to retrieve, the breed makes an ideal pet dog. They are known for winning hearts, almost at will and is very easy to train. They are known for there great temperament as well.

It’s known to be very intelligent, kind, well mannered and that is the reason why people love them. One of the great qualities of the breed is that they are very patient with children. Golden Retrievers can be trained very easily, with proper knowledge because of their exceptional intelligence. This breed has a beautiful tendency to please one and all. It is this quality that differentiates them from other breeds and makes them so lovable and that is why people want to adopt one.

They are active, sweet, confident, and eager to please their masters. They are much focused and complete a given task to perfection. They don’t leave jobs half done. If trained professionally they can even win you lots of prizes in obedience competition. They are great watchdogs making you aware about strangers approaching. Given professional training Golden Retrievers are used in narcotic detection as well. They are good swimmers. Because they are very agile and obedient they are good at retrieving and tracking.

You need to take good care of your Golden Retriever and hence periodic visits to the veterinarian should not be overlooked. They have a good life span, which is about 10-12 years.

They can live in an apartment, though you will have to take them for long walks, if possible on a daily basis because this is good for your pet. It is advisable that you don’t overfeed your Golden Retriever as they have the tendency to put on weight very fast.

If you adopt a Golden Retriever, rest assured that your Golden Retriever will become the darling of your house in no time. They are the best pets for your children, for you and even for older people.

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Could That Labrador/Golden Retriever Puppy be a Future Life Saver?

Could That Labrador/Golden Retriever Puppy be a Future Life Saver?

Author: gggorosin22

It has long been known that some crossbreeds seem to do better than their parents of either breed. It’s a question of finding which breeds cross best with other breeds. Some of these crossbreeds even go on to become established breeds in their own right. One of the mist successful crossbreeds in dogs is seen in the Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy, also known as Golden Labrador Retrievers. Even at an early age, they readily show the best of both the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever.

The Perfect Personality?

Both Labrador and Golden Retrievers are dogs that love people and are eager to please. Keep in mind that not every one is alike, and bad training will always make a bad, fearful dog (no matter what breed), but on the whole, a Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy is a born people watcher. They are fascinated by people and seem to identify with them. They also have a lot of strength and energy, which comes in handy for service and search and rescue dogs.

Best Seeing Eye Dogs

According to service dog experts and charities that train seeing eye dogs in England, the best dog for the job is a Labrador/Golden retriever crossbred. There is a strict breeding program run in England by Guide Dogs to raise dogs to be seeing eye dogs. A Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy is first tested at about eight weeks of age to see what his personality is like.

Their training never really stops. Many a Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy fails the program and is put up for adoption as a pet. To take a Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy and turn out a dependable life-saver costs an average of $70,000 (US). They work until old age or illness forces them to retire, and then they are placed in care homes for the rest of their lives.

Other Facts

Although many online Labrador puppies information web sites will say that a Golden Labrador is always yellow, this is not true. Every now and then there is a black or chocolate Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy born. You can register your Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy with the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Every day, ther is a newborn Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy who makes that first step to being a drug sniffing dog, cancer sniffing dog, service dog or a search and rescue dog. They all can rescue us from ourselves and our selfishness and help give our souls back to ourselves.

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Golden Retriever Breeder – How to Tell the Good From the Poor

Golden Retriever Breeder – How to Tell the Good From the Poor
By Archie Right

At this point I hope you’ve wisely chosen to stay away from the pet stores and started looking for a respectable Golden Retriever breeder. With the Golden Retrievers being very popular dogs, you are likely to find several breeders around. The tricky part is finding a respectable Golden Retriever dog breeder who’s in it not for money but for the love of breed. Of course it may not be an easy task, but with the right approach you are sure to succeed. At the end of the day, it’s definitely worth the efforts. So let’s have a look at what makes up a good breeder.

A good way to start is by looking through ads in local newspapers, surfing the web or contacting your local division of the American Kennel Association. Once you’ve found a number to call try to make an appointment at once. Of course you can discuss some issues on the phone but it is the case when seeing once is better than hearing twice.

When visiting the breeder don’t be shy to ask questions. The breeder expects you to try to get to know more about the puppies and the breeding pair. Respectable breeders also love to talk about their breed of dogs, which can not only be good for making a conversation but also for learning from the experienced owner. Ask breeders why they chose this breed of dogs, for how long have they been breeding them, if they are planning to keep any of the puppies for themselves.

You would also want to find out more about the breeding pair. Reputable breeders will gladly tell you about their dogs and competitions and ribbons they won. They also won’t shy away from letting you spend some time with the breeding pair so that you could get a feeling of their personality. Be sure to ask about the dogs’ health conditions. Most of health problems like hip dysplasia or cataract are passed genetically and are the result of bad breeding. So there is no excuse for a reputable breeder not to have his dogs checked by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). The result of examination is an X-ray based medical protocol the breeder should be willing to show you upon your request.

Do not be surprised or embarrassed if the breeder starts asking you questions. Just answer the questions because actually that’s a very good sign. It means the breeder tries to find out where the puppy is going to go, if it is a good home with good people who are going to care about the pup. And if you know that the breeder cares the most about his puppies finding a good home, then my congratulation, you’ve found the right breeder.

Naturally, there may be a downside in adopting a puppy from a reputable breeder. You might be put on the list. Breeding dogs is the first-come-first-server business, so chances are that all the puppies are already booked out and you might have to wait for another litter. I know it’s not the situation you’ve dreamed about because you probably want to have your very own Golden as soon as possible. But look at the bright side of it — if there is a queue standing to buy a pup from this breeder then he or she must have very good dogs.

As you can see, finding a respectable breeder is not as hard as it seems. Yes, it requires some effort, but being able to live for next 10 or 15 years with mentally and physically healthy dog who will become an integrity part of your family is definitely worth it.

Archie Right is a Golden Retriever expert. For more information on Golden Retriever breeder, visit

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