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A Golden Retriever Makes A Superb Family Pet

A Golden Retriever Makes A Superb Family Pet by Mike Hargreaves

Golden Retrievers are a medium to large dog breed. They achieve a height between 20” to 24”. If Golden Retrievers could talk, they may shout, “What can I do for you?” They are instinctive people pleasers from hunting to tricks to domestic pet.

The Golden Retriever is AKC documented with a coat color in varying shades of golden or cream with golden all through the coat. They get their designation, of course, from the color of their coat. They have a medium length, water resistant outer coat and a dense undercoat. Their coat is feathered. They require a daily brushing to stop knots and they just need an sporadic dry shampoo. You have got to only provide them a watery bath if necessary.

Exercise and full of fun outside and relaxed at home, Golden Retrievers are thought to be one of the best large dog breeds to have as a household pet. They are fantastic with family and other dogs. Early socialization is suggested for birds and small non-canine pets because of their hunting record however they tend to get along with other animals as well. They are extremely easy to train, even for the dog novice. They like to learn and they are quick learners. They are best for active families since they need daily time to sprint and ramble out-of-doors. If you are looking for an superb hunting companion, Golden Retrievers are an astounding hunting dog.

Originating in the mid 1800s, a quantity of sources maintain England as their country of origin and others state Scotland as their county of origin. Lord Tweedmouth at Inverness-Shire, Scotland is alleged to have wide-ranging records that illustrate he created the breed. Their ancestry includes the Water Spaniel, Retrievers, Setters and a Bloodhound. They were largely made use of for hunting and retrieving and have an exceptional sense of smell. They also become tremendous remedy and guide dogs.

If you are in search of a large dog that is good-natured, relaxed and warm and will be good with families that incorporate other dogs or small kids, it is challenging to locate a more pleasing, tender large domestic dog. Working out and games are principal in their day by day activities, nevertheless golden retrievers will be just as happy relaxing in with you at nighttime.

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Introduction to English Cream Golden Retrievers

Introduction to English Cream Golden Retrievers by Tom Herry

English Cream Retrievers are one of the most lovable and intelligent dogs around. Their pleasing temperament and character not only make them ideal pets but useful in a variety of other areas as well. Many people looking for a pet choose golden retrievers based on their looks. But these dogs are so much more than that!

Where it all began

Records of English Cream Retrievers date back to the early part of the 19th century in Scotland. During this time, hunting was popular both as a means of putting food on the table and as a sport. These dogs were developed and bred out of the necessity to have a dog of medium size that was agile and flexible enough to retrieve any kind of small game. The popularity of the breed increased remarkably by the end of the 19th century and by the beginning of the 20th, exclusive clubs for the breed came into existence. These clubs were established with the intention of recognizing the breed.

Great utility dogs

Everyone is aware of the fact that English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies grow up to make great family pets. However not too many people are aware of the fact that these dogs make great utility dogs as well. Because they are extremely affectionate, pleasantly tempered, easy to train and are very loyal these dogs make great guide dogs as well. In fact, the Golden Retriever is the most preferred guide dog for the blind worldwide.

Ideal family dogs

White golden retriever puppies make a great addition to a home, especially if there are children around. The retriever forms a strong bond with its primary care giver and trainer, but unlike other breeds, it never becomes possessive of or protective of its “��alpha”�� human. In addition, you will always find them eager to please their owners and extremely easy to train. If you are looking for a happy go lucky tail wagging furry friend, there is no better choice than a golden retriever.

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Could That Labrador/Golden Retriever Puppy be a Future Life Saver?

Could That Labrador/Golden Retriever Puppy be a Future Life Saver?

Author: gggorosin22

It has long been known that some crossbreeds seem to do better than their parents of either breed. It’s a question of finding which breeds cross best with other breeds. Some of these crossbreeds even go on to become established breeds in their own right. One of the mist successful crossbreeds in dogs is seen in the Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy, also known as Golden Labrador Retrievers. Even at an early age, they readily show the best of both the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever.

The Perfect Personality?

Both Labrador and Golden Retrievers are dogs that love people and are eager to please. Keep in mind that not every one is alike, and bad training will always make a bad, fearful dog (no matter what breed), but on the whole, a Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy is a born people watcher. They are fascinated by people and seem to identify with them. They also have a lot of strength and energy, which comes in handy for service and search and rescue dogs.

Best Seeing Eye Dogs

According to service dog experts and charities that train seeing eye dogs in England, the best dog for the job is a Labrador/Golden retriever crossbred. There is a strict breeding program run in England by Guide Dogs to raise dogs to be seeing eye dogs. A Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy is first tested at about eight weeks of age to see what his personality is like.

Their training never really stops. Many a Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy fails the program and is put up for adoption as a pet. To take a Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy and turn out a dependable life-saver costs an average of $70,000 (US). They work until old age or illness forces them to retire, and then they are placed in care homes for the rest of their lives.

Other Facts

Although many online Labrador puppies information web sites will say that a Golden Labrador is always yellow, this is not true. Every now and then there is a black or chocolate Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy born. You can register your Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy with the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Every day, ther is a newborn Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy who makes that first step to being a drug sniffing dog, cancer sniffing dog, service dog or a search and rescue dog. They all can rescue us from ourselves and our selfishness and help give our souls back to ourselves.

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Finding a Quality Golden Retriever Breeder

Finding a Quality Golden Retriever Breeder
By Laurence Burrows

Who does not love the golden retriever? Loyal, friendly, and full of energy, the golden retriever is truly a man’s best friend. They can be service dogs including guide dogs, hunting dogs, and are always great family pets. However, how do you find the right golden retriever? Once he’s off and running, he’ll be a fuzzy blur of canine non-stop energy. Indeed you may find it hard to keep up with him. It’s a wise parent, though, who prepares ahead of time. You have heard the horror stories about crowded pet stores, and puppy mills. You want the perfect puppy, so you have decided to look for a breeder. Since you don’t own any dog show champions, how do you find a quality breeder?

Any breeder just won’t do. Indeed, the popular golden has become so over-breed for-profit, that aggression has showed up in some lines lately. Imagine, the golden retriever, so famous for its friendliness and gentleness involved in biting incidents! Bad breeding has also caused a lot of health problems for this noble breed of dog. Genetic related problems like hip dysplasia, bad elbows, and cataracts have all become more common due to bad breeding. Also, cancer is the leading cause of death for goldens. Any reputable breeder will have had his/her goldens checked by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), or PennHIP, for hip dysplasia and will have the papers to prove it. These tests involve X-rays to check for this disease using an established diagnostic protocol.

It is important to spend time with the parents of any puppy you are interested in. A quality breeder will have no problem with someone visiting the breeding pair of each puppy. That will help you determine the future look, personality, and health of the dog you are purchasing. It is important to know the pedigree of your puppy, especially because most health problems in goldens are genetically related. A quality breeder will be proud of his/her dogs and breeding program, and will be concerned with finding good homes for the golden retrievers. A good breeder will offer a puppy guarantee and will allow you to return your dog if things don’t work out.

You’ve decided to visit a breeder, but you don’t know how to tell one breeder from another (the good from the bad!). So, just how do you evaluate a good breeder? Many people ask this same question the first time they visit a Golden Retriever breeder. It’s natural, as you may feel bewildered as to what types of intelligent and crucial questions you should ask.

1. How long have you owned Golden Retrievers?

2. How long have you been breeding them?

3. Why do you own them? Do you show them or are they kept as family pets?

4. Do you have a written contract and a puppy guarantee?

5. At what age do the puppies go home with me?

6. Are your puppies whelped in your home?

7. Can I see and spend time with the puppy’s parents?

8. In your years of handling these dogs, what health concerns seem to reappear?

9. Have your golden retrievers been tested by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), or PennHIP, for hip dysplasia?

Laurence Burrows is a golden retriever lover, and trainer. For more great tips on finding a quality Golden Retriever Breeder, visit

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Two Golden Retriever Puppies released from prison

After 18 months in the slammer, 2 Golden Retriever dogs are released from Auckland’s women’s prison.