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Adopt a Golden Retriever – Tips in Adopting the Perfect Family Pet

Adopt a Golden Retriever – Tips in Adopting the Perfect Family Pet
By Ewen Vile

To adopt a Golden Retriever is a good option for someone looking forward to a new addition to the family. After deciding to do such a noble deed, you deserve the perfect dog. Here is a simple guide that you can go through while on the hunt for a Golden Retriever.

If you are looking for a purebred, consider going to a Golden Retriever Rescue in your area. Rescues are breed specific and they raise abandoned dogs in foster homes while waiting for a new family. This is to make sure that these dogs are given proper care, nutrition and training.

Observe each dog and make sure you know everything about them. Ask about the behavior, activities, diet, favorite tricks and life story. This way you will be able to communicate and interact with your dog in a caring and loving manner. This will make it easy for him to adapt in his new home.

Ask the rescue staff for temperament records or do temperament tests yourself. Observe the behavior of each dog carefully. Choose the one who is inquisitive but not rowdy or aggressive, one that allows to be handled without showing any signs of hostility. Pick the dog that follows and walks beside you when you turn away.

Before deciding to take him home, make sure you have prepared everyone and everything at home. Educate your kids about the new pet and the new responsibilities. Set schedules and tasks. Prepare and dog-proof your home and yard. Buy him all the supplies that he will need like food bowl, crate, blankets, toys, leash and collar.

You might wonder why you will undergo a series of interviews before you are allowed to adopt. This is to make sure that the dog suits your family and lifestyle and also to ensure that the dog will not be surrendered again. Rescues always aim for a successful adoption for their dogs.

Once you have passed the interview, also inquire about the Rescues policies after taking your new, yet mature Golden home. Ask what assistance you can get if the dog gets sick or if they will give you a refund and take the dog back once he is diagnosed to have a dreaded illness.

It will always be a joy having a new and loving member in the family even if he is old. Golden Retrievers waiting to be adopted at Rescues are loving and can easily adapt to their new homes. All you need is to show the same love, care and patience that these rescued animals longed for the longest time.

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White and Cream Golden Retrievers – How to Keep Their Coat Clean and Shimmering

White and Cream Golden Retrievers – How to Keep Their Coat Clean and Shimmering
By Ewen Vile

White Golden Retrievers or English Cream Golden Retrievers? Whatever they are called, it only means one thing. They have a white, off white or light cream coat that gets more dirty than usual. This also means they need to be cleaned more often.

You probably decided to have a light colored Golden Retriever because of the beautiful and admirable coat. Don’t end your affair because you now hate the same coat you used to love. You can always find a solution to this simple problem.

All you need to do is to give your Golden a good bath, as needed. When you notice that she starts to appear a bit brownish, this is when she needs bathing. Place her in the tub and wet her with lukewarm water. Use a mild and medicated dog shampoo for her sensitive coat and skin. Lather shampoo onto her fur and undercoat and make sure that the bubbles don’t get into her eyes or ears. Rinse her thoroughly and dry her with towels. Blow dry her coat while brushing to make sure that her coat does not get infected.

Do not use human hair shampoo, human bubble baths, kitchen and dishwasher cleaners. They are to harsh for her sensitive skin.

Depending on your dogs’ activity, but twice a week of bathing will be just fine. If she loves to roll over the ground or lurk into dark and dusty spaces, she might need a daily bath. Using dog shampoo is just fine as long as you dilute it with water before applying onto your Goldens’ coat.

You also have to make sure that you brush her often to remove mats and tangles. Five minutes each day is just right. Brushing also massages her muscles and keeps her relaxed. Aside from that, it allows her skin to breathe and prevents hotspots and allergies. Also, frequent brushing releases oils from the sebaceous glands which make her coat appear shiny and glowing.

Most of the dirt adheres on long and ragged fur. To prevent this, trim excess hair on the hocks, throat, legs, ears, chest and tail. Just make sure to make it appear neat and not to cut it too short. Follow the natural fur line and you won’t go wrong.

Grooming your White and Cream Golden not just keeps her neat and smelling clean, it is also a good bonding moment for you both. She feels special and learns to love you more. Also, you won’t have to live each day getting annoyed from her smell and filthy white hair which makes you love her more.

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Golden Retrievers For Sale – Where to Buy the Golden One

Golden Retrievers For Sale – Where to Buy the Golden One
By Ewen Vile

You have seen posts on bulletin boards, in newspapers, pet magazines, yellow pages and a lot more on the web. With hundreds of advertisements, where can you really find the Golden one?

If you are a first time owner and new to the Golden Retriever scene, you have to be aware of where you are going to buy one. There are lots of factors that you have to consider before deciding which breeder to get your puppy from.

First factor are hereditary diseases. A lot of fatal illnesses can be acquired from the sire and dam. Illnesses such as cancer, heart and eye diseases, hip and elbow dysplasia are just some. Those suffering from these are not qualified to be part of the breeding program. Not just because the disease can be passed on to their pups, pregnancy can be fatal for the dam too.

Second factor is the overpopulation of dogs. The more we buy from irresponsible breeders, the more they will meet demands in producing poor quality litters. These substandard puppies usually have illnesses that cannot be treated. They may not of been socialized early on and develop bad behaviors. Owners of such often end up surrendering these poor dogs to Shelters. It could be the cost of surgery and treatment is too high or because the behavior of the dog can no longer be improved.

Third factor is the years that you want to spend with your Golden. You probably wanted to have one because you wanted a lifetime companion, a dog who will be with you for the next 10 or more years of his life. With all the hereditary diseases and poor nourishment involved, 10 years is not guaranteed if you bought your dog from a poor breeder.

Theses are the reasons why you have to screen breeders before purchasing a puppy. You have to ask for health certifications, pedigree, AKC registration, temperament test and medical records. You have to visit the breeding site and see if the pups and parents are given the best care and socialization. You have to find out if the breeder just breeds for money or for the breeds integrity.

If you buy a pup from a reputable breeder, chances are you are getting a high quality and healthy pup right from the start. No need to surrender to a Shelter or spend a lot for treatments. And longer years of loyal companionship are guaranteed.

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Tips For Buying Golden Retriever Toys That Work For You and Your Dog

Tips For Buying Golden Retriever Toys That Work For You and Your Dog
By Ewen Vile

Even before you take your pup home, it is essential that you buy Golden Retriever toys. Toys work wonders and are essential in housebreaking your new dog, whether a young pup or a rescued Golden. When you bring your new dog home, it is normal for him to be curious to his new environment and inquisitive in all that he sees. This inquisitiveness leads him to explore using nothing but his mouth.

This is why it is important to buy some chew toys even before your dog comes home. It teaches him to chew on the right things. When he starts nibbling on the carpet, give him a chew toy. When he chews on his leash, replace it with a toy. Don’t pull the object out of his mouth as this teaches competitive aggression. He may snap at you or worse, he learns to bite to defend his so-called property.

After taking your pup home, it is also good to observe his behavior with the toy. Some young pups may want to have a plush toy that he can carry along. Some dogs are aggressive chewers and would love to have rubber chews. Some enjoy having a squeaky bone along. Some dogs are just too intelligent and challenged with buster cubes. And some might just love to chew on ice cubes or some marrow bones.

Bored dogs learn to be unintentionally destructive and this is when a toy becomes a big help. It keeps him preoccupied, not minding your belongings while he enjoys playing with his toy. Not only that, toys are very useful in training your dog. It can be his reward when he behaves properly or a lure when you want him to move into a different position. Toys can also be used when you want to bond with your dog during play.

Some dog owners underestimate the benefits of toys for their new dogs. They later on regret depriving them toys when they starts chewing on anything… from the carpet to the sofas’ legs, remote control to running shoes and everything else that he sees. They hate the dog for learning destructive behavior. If only a toy was available.

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Buy Golden Retriever Accessories – A Shopping List For His Homecoming

Buy Golden Retriever Accessories – A Shopping List For His Homecoming
By Ewen Vile

Before taking your fur ball home, you have to make sure to buy Golden Retriever accessories that your dog needs and loves. The list is not too long, and buying these prior to his arrival gives you more time to spend with your dog during his first days at home.

Make sure to buy a leather buckled collar with tag and a leash. These are essential in keeping your dog in control while he is still not yet obedience trained. It stops him from chasing after stray cats or squirrels. You can immediately stop him from jumping up the sofa or running to and fro inside the house. A tag makes sure that he returns to you safe and sound in case he wanders away.

Buy him a stainless and paint free food and water bowl. Plastic is a choking hazard and paint contains high amount of lead. Make sure you have his dog food ready and wean him from his old brand in case you plan to switch.

Look for a durable crate or playpen. A crate teaches him to enjoy playing even when he is alone. It is also a safe haven where your dog can rest and enjoy his privacy. It is also essential for his safety during car travel. A playpen can be set in and out of the house and allows your dog to play safe even off leash.

Make sure you purchase his toothbrush, chicken flavored toothpaste, pin brush, shampoo, towels, nail cutter and file. These are essential if you want to groom him at home. A blow dryer is useful too after bathing your dog to prevent hotspots and skin allergies.

Buy him chew toys. This is as important as the rest of the items listed here. Toys will not only benefit your dog, it will save your house from getting chewed. You can purchase a durable leather bed or dog bed but old blankets will be just fine. Besides, it will just be torn up eventually.

Have a canine first aid kit handy. You’ll never know when you’re going to need one. Make sure you have a rectal thermometer, some gauze pads, bandages and antiseptic solution.

It would be best to have a good dog care book or research on hand and be sure to read it during your spare time. This keeps you on track while caring for your dog. In all cases, you can consult your vet if you have any questions regarding your dogs’ care and health. Having all the stuff he needs ahead, not just saves your time, it also makes your dog feel welcomed to his new home.

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