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Red Golden Retrievers – Golden’s With an Active Lifestyle

Red Golden Retrievers – Golden’s With an Active Lifestyle
By Ewen Vile

Judges may not be in favor of Red Golden Retrievers inside the show ring, but there are a lot of other reasons why you should prefer the red dog.

Red Golden Retrievers are more common in the United States and more preferred, rather than its English counterpart which are lighter and sometimes nearly white in shade. The breed is just the same, they are just commonly referred to as American Golden Retrievers and English Golden Retrievers. They differ in color, built and vigor.

American Golden Retrievers are darker in shade, from a rich Golden to liver color, mahogany, auburn and sometimes as red as the Irish Setters. It may be undesirable as stated in the standard, but it doesn’t mean an automatic disqualification. It’s just that light colored or colors within the range of gold are more acceptable when it comes to breed show or conformation competitions and titles.

Red “Goldens” are more agile, strong and robust compared to English “Goldens”. This is because of their lighter, thinner and lankier build which commonly characterizes the traditional hunting dogs. That is why they are more popular gun dogs which can retrieve fowl in the forest and even in raging waters. It can also be noted that most of the hunting dogs used by British gentlemen in the late 1800s are dark golden in shade.

Aside from great hunting dogs, they also excel in canine sports. Their light weight, balance and alertness enable them to finish agility obstacles with great accuracy in no time. They are highly trainable dogs qualified to compete in dock jumping, fly ball, Frisbee and heel work.

They are born entertainers too. They can learn tricks and commands faster than other breeds.

The breed with a darker shade are also popular service dogs. Their build, strength, energy and alertness matches their loyalty, intelligence and eager-to-please attitude. This makes them effective companion dogs, disability assistance dogs as well as search and rescue dogs. They can break through bushes, forests, marshes, avalanche and other disaster sites.

They are gifted swimmers not minding the rough cold waters. They have a water resistant and dark colored coat which does not easily get dirty compared to white “Goldens”. Their less angulated structure gives them good forequarter and hind strength.

They may be underestimated when it comes to looks, but when it comes to service, loyalty and energy, the Red Golden Retriever stands out.

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Red Golden Retriever

Red Golden Retrievers
By Ewen Vile

The red Golden Retriever is a breed of hunting dog originally bred in Scotland. They were also known as gun dogs, as in the earlier days, they were used in hunting expeditions and games for retrieving fowl (or birds) which were shot down by the hunter. Over a period of time, they’ve been developed into one of the most sought after breeds of domestic dogs as well as maintaining their reputation as a favored retriever in the hunting community.

Going back to their origin, these dogs were bred in Scotland where, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, hunting was a very popular sport amongst the rich and famous of society. The existing dogs were either not trainable or had other inherent defects as far as intelligence were concerned.

They needed a hunting dog with the following qualities…

- Keen eyesight

- Strong swimmer

- Soft mouth

- Bring back the prey

- Non aggresive

- Keen desire to please and follow commands.

So the modern day Golden Retriever was found. Their keen desire to please and follow commands made them a great family pet as well. Modern day reds come in three different categories. This is primarily on the basis of the countries where they are bred, slight variations in their looks and features and their pedigrees.

British Type – Feature wise, they have comparatively short legs and tail and have a deep chest. Their head looks bigger too. Overall they have a heavier appearance than their American and Canadian counterparts. As per the earlier restrictions of Kennel Club of England, only one color of fur or coat was considered to be legitimate (which was original bright golden), however in the later days yellow and red were also given recognition. However as per the current British standards, red is a less accepted color.

American Type – The American breed of red Golden Retrievers would be lanky and less heavy compared to their British counterparts. In terms of agility they would be far advanced. Color of fur or coat could be red, golden and shades of yellow.

Canadian Type – The breed has major resemblances with their American counterparts. Appearance and weight wise, they tend to be heavier than the American breeds and almost similar or little lighter in weight than the British ones.

Normally their ability to retrieve and their pleasing natures still dominates no matter what country they are found in. This ability to quickly learn commands has had trainers teach individuals over 200 commands. So to summarize, the red Golden Retriever is considered a pure breed, depending on the country and still retains the qualities which make them so popular.

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