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Golden Retriever Puppies Adoption Information Tips

Golden Retriever Puppies Adoption Information Tips by Preston Patrick

When it speaks about the word “adoption” responsibility coincides. If a person or a family adopts a pet they will see to it that they can cope up with the needs of the animals. So before going deep with the adoption process, they are engaged to some sort of counseling on how they treat their pets. One of its common examples is the golden retriever puppies adoption. This breed is noted to be a family dog. Although it is commonly use as hunting dogs, its cuddliness can’t be denied by anyone who wanted to adopt a pet.

If you try to search for golden retriever puppies, you have to consult first with your local animal shelters or rescue groups. You can also try the online browsing to avail more adoption services As you adopt a puppy, you have to bear in mind that it requires a lot of time, effort and love. You have to be prepared with the great responsibility. However, your efforts will be paid as you see them energetic and lovable. Goldens are easy trained dogs and friendly. All you need is to be patient during the training process.

People who would engage in golden retriever puppies adoption should know some information regarding with this stuff. As you start, the first thing that you have to prioritize is when and where to drain the bladder of your puppy. Their bowel movement is not totally developed. You have to spend some time for walking after meals with your puppy. In the first approach, the puppy won’t follow right away, so you have to train them step by step. Even so, golden retrievers are fast learners so there’s no problem about training them.

You must provide toys for your puppy to keep them busy. In order to avoid them scratching your things around the house. There are suggestions that you should spend at least 15-20 minutes of training every day. It is like training up a child with the things that he or she needs to know. You have to impose discipline to your pet. Set limitations for them. For example is to control the amount of food that they eat. Goldens are prone to obesity, so you have to do something about it. If you adopted a puppy, you have to teach your kids to love them because your pet is now a part of your family.

Remember that golden retriever puppies adoption is a serious matter, so if you think that you are a busy person, don’t bother to have one, but if you really wanted to adopt, you can hire someone to take care of your pet. There are some pet shops that offer different types of services for your dogs. Just imagine having their company for around 15 years, what a long years of enjoyment with your pet. As you train them, you can grab the chance of joining some dog shows. This activity is very helpful to your golden retriever. You can enhance their ability and their intelligence. You won’t regret having them around. But the sad thing about golden retrievers is that they are easily tamed by a stranger, that’s why they are not good as watch dogs. On the other hand they can perform well as rescue dogs.

Golden retriever puppies adoption is a wise idea of embracing a new member of your family. So try to visit online services now. As long as you are open with the responsibilities in adopting one.

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Red Golden Retrievers – Golden’s With an Active Lifestyle

Red Golden Retrievers – Golden’s With an Active Lifestyle
By Ewen Vile

Judges may not be in favor of Red Golden Retrievers inside the show ring, but there are a lot of other reasons why you should prefer the red dog.

Red Golden Retrievers are more common in the United States and more preferred, rather than its English counterpart which are lighter and sometimes nearly white in shade. The breed is just the same, they are just commonly referred to as American Golden Retrievers and English Golden Retrievers. They differ in color, built and vigor.

American Golden Retrievers are darker in shade, from a rich Golden to liver color, mahogany, auburn and sometimes as red as the Irish Setters. It may be undesirable as stated in the standard, but it doesn’t mean an automatic disqualification. It’s just that light colored or colors within the range of gold are more acceptable when it comes to breed show or conformation competitions and titles.

Red “Goldens” are more agile, strong and robust compared to English “Goldens”. This is because of their lighter, thinner and lankier build which commonly characterizes the traditional hunting dogs. That is why they are more popular gun dogs which can retrieve fowl in the forest and even in raging waters. It can also be noted that most of the hunting dogs used by British gentlemen in the late 1800s are dark golden in shade.

Aside from great hunting dogs, they also excel in canine sports. Their light weight, balance and alertness enable them to finish agility obstacles with great accuracy in no time. They are highly trainable dogs qualified to compete in dock jumping, fly ball, Frisbee and heel work.

They are born entertainers too. They can learn tricks and commands faster than other breeds.

The breed with a darker shade are also popular service dogs. Their build, strength, energy and alertness matches their loyalty, intelligence and eager-to-please attitude. This makes them effective companion dogs, disability assistance dogs as well as search and rescue dogs. They can break through bushes, forests, marshes, avalanche and other disaster sites.

They are gifted swimmers not minding the rough cold waters. They have a water resistant and dark colored coat which does not easily get dirty compared to white “Goldens”. Their less angulated structure gives them good forequarter and hind strength.

They may be underestimated when it comes to looks, but when it comes to service, loyalty and energy, the Red Golden Retriever stands out.

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Red Golden Retrievers – Are They Really Goldens?

Red Golden Retrievers – Are They Really Goldens?
By Ewen Vile

Traditional hunting dogs that Lord Tweedmouth created in his breeding program appeared more mahogany, sometimes auburn and almost red in color. But do Red Golden Retrievers really characterize the breed?

During the 1800s, Tweed Water Spaniels were popular hunting dogs. However they can only locate wild birds and cannot retrieve them because of their small size and light coat. This is one of the main reasons why the gentlemen hunters preferred a medium sized hunting dog.

They wanted one that can retrieve fowl well in the wild and even in rough waters. Apart from extreme hunting skills, they also wanted one that looks sturdy and gorgeous at work with a coat preferably of darker shade.

Starting rom a yellow wavy coated Retriever bred with a Tweed Water Spaniel, brought four yellow pups, Tweedmouth also experimented mating the yellow colored pups to a Red Setter and black wavy-coated Retriever and liver colored flat-coated Retriever. The breeding line brought about different shades of gold, from light yellow gold to a rich and lustrous reddish brown and liver color.

But what does the AKC Standard say about the coat? It says, “Rich, lustrous Golden of various shades. Predominant body color which is extremely pale or extremely dark is undesirable.” An auburn or mahogany may not be ideal, but this is not an automatic disqualification. It would only matter if your Golden is competing for a title. The one with a shade within the required range will be given a higher rank than the ones with extreme colors.

If you wanted a Golden with a darker shade, you might prefer to have an American Golden Retriever. This type resembles more of the hunting dogs. Their coat is more likely inherited from the Red Irish Setters and liver colored flat-coated Retrievers. English Golden Retrievers are lighter in color compared to American Goldens.

Red Goldens or Golden Retrievers with a darker shade are more popular in field trials and canine sports because of their long limbs and agility. Also, the American Golden Retrievers are said to be more active and light weight which makes them efficient in all types of sports and field work. This is in contrast to their cream colored counterpart who is more popularly known inside the show ring.

The color may vary in shades but one thing stands true, we love this breed not just because of its golden coat but because of their heart that is made of gold.

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Buying A Golden Retriever Puppy

Buying A Golden Retriever Puppy

Author: Peter Finch

Golden Retrievers are obedient, beautiful, make fantastic family pets as well as hunting dogs. This breed is also the most preferred guide dog for the blind and for important things like narcotic detection dogs and tracking dogs (used to find missing people) among others.

Among the many other breeds available as good pet options, the Golden Retriever remains one of the most versatile and most surprising breeds.

But before you take the plunge and finalize on buying a Golden Retriever puppy, you need to learn more about this breed. Try and attend dog shows where you can meet owners who have Golden Retrievers as pets as they can give you a lot of important information about this breed – information that a breeder may not give you since he is interested in making a sale. Check you local kennel club again for information.

People who own Golden Retrievers are quite proud of them and are always willing to talk about their pet especially if they find you interested in the same breed.

When you buy a Golden Retriever puppy, your best bet is to look for one at a backyard breeder or the local puppy mill. Backyard breeders care a lot about their puppies so they will have a lot of information about the dogs and they also would like to get the best possible homes for their litter.

Visit the local branches of the Golden Retriever club of America and get a list of the breeders in your area. It is important that you get your Golden from a reliable source. All puppies come with some built in friskiness and other attitudes. You need one that is best suited to your family. The breeder knows his pups very well and he will be a good judge of which pup will suit you based on some questions he may ask.

Do not rush the buying, take you time and look at all the options available. Get all the pertinent information about your puppy regarding its medication, its injections, and its food and training requirements etc.

Once you have all this, then try and get a questionnaire or list of points to consider while buying a golden Retriever pup from some Golden owners and the local vet. Take it to your breeder and ensure that the pet you get matches at least 95% of the points you have.

Remember you are buying a friend for life so you want a pup that has a good temperament and is warm, open and responsive. A pup from a breeder, who is only in it for the money, will invariably end up being of poor quality along with a nasty disposition.

A little patience and research will get you the best there is in Golden Retriever pups.

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Characteristics Of A Golden Retriever

Characteristics Of A Golden Retriever by Lea Mullins

The Golden Retriever is an exceptionally beautiful large and highly energetic dog. It is also known as one of the world”��s best family dog breeds. They do well as bird hunting dogs as well as serve as police helpers, a guide for the visually impaired, therapy do and assist as a service dog for the disabled.

These dogs are one of the friendliest and most useful dogs in the world due to their desire and eagerness to please as well as their capacity to love and trainability. They have also been ranked as 4 out of 79 recognized breeds for their working intelligence and obedience. Golden Retrievers are quite calm as well as responsive and affectionate, although they don”��t make outstanding watch dogs due to their over trusting nature and lack of suspicion of strangers.

They are quite difficult to match against any other breed in the world, which is why they are such a popular pet.

Their general appearance is beautiful, strong, well proportioned body. Their coat is medium in length with a feathery feel; they are generally cream to golden in color, with part of their coat water resistant. They have a strong broad shaped head and a powerful muzzle. Soft brown eyes with dark rims and pendant shaped ears, their muscular neck and thighs as well as broad chest map out their characteristic physic.

Golden Retrievers are such well behaved, lovable, intelligent pets with a lot of charm. They are loyal and quite confident, gentle and eager to please their owners. Although they are very active they do make the ideal family pet. They enjoy spending time with people and love training as a chance to spend more time with you and have excelled in many obedience competitions.

They are happiest when they around people but if isolated they may become mischievous and can cause a bit of chaos by tearing up things around the house. But they do make tremendous companions for people of all ages and are the easiest dog to train. They are very people orientated and will enjoy spending time with someone everyday.

Ideally, Golden Retrievers need regular exercises and prefer large backyards to play and move about it. They love playing games with balls, and sticks so really, exercise for them should be fairly easy. Without adequate exercise they can become difficult in their behavior within the home.

While they are easily trained and exceptionally patient and gentle with children, supervision is a must with a young child due to the dog”��s uncontrollable excitement can bump young children over without meaning too. They are friendly to anyone they meet including other dogs and family pets but have limited guard dog instincts, although will bark as a form of greeting that is sometimes intimidating.

Although like other dogs they have their fair share of health issues from hip dysplasia and cataract opacity they do generally live a fairly good life span of about 14 years. With a healthy diet and exercise they will live a fulfilling life when spending time with their family, they will give many years of companionship.

Lea Mullins, a long time dog owner, provides information on characteristics of a Golden Retriever. Visit to learn about dog breeds.

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