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Tips For Buying Golden Retriever Toys That Work For You and Your Dog

Tips For Buying Golden Retriever Toys That Work For You and Your Dog
By Ewen Vile

Even before you take your pup home, it is essential that you buy Golden Retriever toys. Toys work wonders and are essential in housebreaking your new dog, whether a young pup or a rescued Golden. When you bring your new dog home, it is normal for him to be curious to his new environment and inquisitive in all that he sees. This inquisitiveness leads him to explore using nothing but his mouth.

This is why it is important to buy some chew toys even before your dog comes home. It teaches him to chew on the right things. When he starts nibbling on the carpet, give him a chew toy. When he chews on his leash, replace it with a toy. Don’t pull the object out of his mouth as this teaches competitive aggression. He may snap at you or worse, he learns to bite to defend his so-called property.

After taking your pup home, it is also good to observe his behavior with the toy. Some young pups may want to have a plush toy that he can carry along. Some dogs are aggressive chewers and would love to have rubber chews. Some enjoy having a squeaky bone along. Some dogs are just too intelligent and challenged with buster cubes. And some might just love to chew on ice cubes or some marrow bones.

Bored dogs learn to be unintentionally destructive and this is when a toy becomes a big help. It keeps him preoccupied, not minding your belongings while he enjoys playing with his toy. Not only that, toys are very useful in training your dog. It can be his reward when he behaves properly or a lure when you want him to move into a different position. Toys can also be used when you want to bond with your dog during play.

Some dog owners underestimate the benefits of toys for their new dogs. They later on regret depriving them toys when they starts chewing on anything… from the carpet to the sofas’ legs, remote control to running shoes and everything else that he sees. They hate the dog for learning destructive behavior. If only a toy was available.

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Learn the basics of Golden Retriever Training.

It is difficult to avoid housebreaking of the new dog, but this will increase the love between the dog and his master.

Golden retriever breeders have all possible information pertaining to the training of Labrador retrievers.

One must principally consult a breeder so as to gather information and advice regarding the important points to be emphasized upon while breeding.

The breeders will tell the information seeker to focus on the outdoor life of dogs, increase their activities with water and their interaction with humans.

A Golden retriever and a Labrador belong to the same breed and have lots in common.

Despite variations in the color of the Labrador, the training will be similar for the Golden retriever and the Labrador.

Due to the inborn friendly attitude of the Golden retrievers, their masters will derive huge amount of pleasure and entertainment once their training is complete.

Golden retrievers were invented by the inmates of Scotland who originated them after their successful crossing of a yellow retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel, supposed to be a Field Spaniel breed that is now believed to have been no more in existence.

A Labrador retriever has great hunting abilities and is to be bred by the family while its Spaniel counterpart has great swimming skills and can adapt well in different temperatures.

Spaniels have a habit to become compatible with fellow dogs and cats; however they maintain distance with small animals.

A golden retriever has well developed hunting, swimming and retrieving abilities.

Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers should be trained at a very early age when they start feeling the urge for urination.

Do forget that after successful completion of their training, Golden retrievers will provide a lot of enjoyment to their masters because of their friendly nature.

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