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3 Great Reasons On Adoption For Adult Golden Retriever

3 Great Reasons On Adoption For Adult Golden Retriever

Author: Arielson

No time for training and lacking patience to develop puppies? Choose an adult golden retriever for instant results!

First of all, your primary concern is, you may be unable to provide the necessary time and the patience to develop the learning phase together with your dog. Rearing a pet required both time and long term investment with them. It required both dedication and patience to ensure care and health are properly developed along the growing stage.

The next important concern what can be right breed of dog for the family. If you interested in introducing a family pet to the family, why not consider a golden retriever. If you have done your evaluation, you will realize that you are unable to provide adequate care for a puppy, the next thing you may consider is adoption for adult dog. An adult dog can serve to give better options based on your own situation, why not consider adoption for an adult golden retriever? Here are some great reasons and some golden retriever tips why they can be best selection choice.

Basically, as we are come to understand, a golden retriever is one of the most intelligent, obedient and loyal animal that one owner should possessed. From a young age, they are fast learner and able to adapt to the training that was provided. Once a golden retriever was exposed and experiences dog obedience training, you will realize how well they behaved. Once the golden retriever undergoes effective dog training, communication can be easy with the new owner and the family.

Great reasons on adoption for adult golden retriever

Reason#1 – Instant training both in obedience and housebreaking manners

There are several benefits with taking on an adult golden. One of them is the instant cross over skills of obedience and housebreaking. Most dogs are trained in this aspect especially with a popular family dog like a golden retriever. The owner just need to allow time for the new golden to settle in his new surroundings and get him adapted to his new found family. In the beginning, there may be some difficulty in the adjustment but in due time with the new love, devotion, appropriate attention and welcoming showered on them should help him to improve and adapt.  There are other potential issues with an adult golden. As you know, old habits die hard and golden retriever may also inherit bad habits. As new owner, you need to monitor and understand the golden retriever behavior patterns, likes and dislikes, medical history and necessary information to ensure the proper well being for your golden retriever.

Reason#2 – Instant Best friend for adult golden retriever adoption.

Ok. You should not count your eggs first. Nobody can guarantee a best friend! However, what you have started is getting an instant friend. The relationship between a golden retriever can definitely developed into a terrific bonding and strong friendship. What is important is that an adult golden retriever can connect to you as an owner immediately, while the owner on the other hand is able to provide the love, attention and the appreciation for the pet golden likewise. Most golden will grow affectionate to the owner with the care shower on them, and they will stay loyal companions while you give the utmost trust in them.

Reason#3 – Instant Compassion “Adoption Saves Life”

What you have done is doing showing compassion for animals. For reasons other than the death of the previous owner, at other times, pets like a golden retriever has been abandoned or left in shelter.  You can provide the care and consideration to these pets other than impulse buying for puppies because they are cuter! “Adoption Saves Life”: By showing your appreciation and respect the life for them.

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Senior Golden Retrievers For Adoption

Senior Golden Retrievers For Adoption

Author: Jonathan Charles

Those of you who want a Golden Retriever but aren’t ready to go through the trials and tribulations of a puppy, should look into adopting an older Golden. Older Golden Retrievers are mature, and prove to be great in homes where they need to spend a quality amount of time by themselves. They are a very adjustable breed, being good tempered. No matter how old the Golden may be, he will quickly become a valued member of your family in little to no time at all.

Where do you find an older Golden. Well your first stop should be your nearest breeder because strange as it may seem they often do have older dogs for sale. It may be a retired show dog, or a dog which has produced several litters and will not be needed again. There is a whole host of reasons why they might have a mature dog they wish to find a home for, so, give them a call and enquire.

Most older Golden Retrievers are already housebroken, and know a lot of behavior patterns and how to adapt to a new and loving family. Although it will be a little hard on your new dog at first, if you give him plenty of love, attention, and patience, he’ll be just fine. You need to keep reassuring your new Golden on a regular basis, and let him know that you are his new owner and that you love him and you are glad he’s a member of your family.

When you meet your Golden for the first time you may well be so taken with them that you are tempted to ‘wrap them up and take them home’ straightaway. But, avoid this temptation. Take a bit of time to get to know them, and to know all about them, just to make sure that they are right for your lifestyle. Also, do involve the other members of your family in all of these initial decisions, as it is important that everybody feels happy about welcoming a new member into the family.

You will find life much easier in the early days if you spend a bit of time helping your new family member adjust to your home and its environs. You will find things easier if you do, and your new family member will certainly appreciate you taking the time to help them settle in.

You should always give your new Golden Retriever at least a month or so to get used to his new environment, before you start his new obedience training. Even though your new dog may have some prior obedience training, you should still enroll him in a new class. This way, he can brush up on training and you can work with him to help him understand. Once you have finished training, he’ll understand your commands better and you and him will get along just fine.

All Golden Retrievers, regardless of their age, love attention. Older Golden’s on the other hand, may have medical problems that you aren’t aware of. You shouldn’t let this stop you from getting one though, simply because the rewards that you’ll find are far greater than any cons that may come to mind. Although many people don’t give a lot of thought to getting an older Golden Retriever – they are perfect for families who don’t want to put up the time and troubles of raising a puppy.

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Golden Retriever Puppies Adoption Info

Golden Retriever Puppies Adoption Info by Adam J Bradley

Responsible adoption ingrains a sense of belonging in a hearthless waif’s heart and in turn fills the adopter’s with a feeling of immense satisfaction. If you are one of the many Golden Retriever fans and want to get a cute little Golden pup home, consider adopting one. Yes, there are many Goldens that have been rendered homeless for some or the other reason. Adopting Golden Retriever puppies would not only fulfill your dream of getting home the fabulous Golden Retriever, but would also help you do a good deed.

As you begin the process of Golden Retriever puppies adoption, you should inquire with the local animal shelters and rescue societies. You can also go for the online puppies adoption services. Some sources that might help you:,,,, American humane society.

But before you actually bring home a pup, you must bear in mind that a pup needs a lot of love and care and patience. You will have to devote long hours in looking after your pup till it attains the age where it can be on its own. Also, you will need to train and discipline your pup so that it grows into a well-mannered dog. Golden pups are super cute. But they are super active and energetic too. So you might end up finding your shoes, furniture, carpet and other things in the house soiled or chewed up. You will have to be really patient with them, until they learn how to behave.

To begin with, the first thing you will want your pup to know is where and when to empty its bladder. Pups can’t really ‘hold’ as their bowel movements are not fully developed. You will have to regularly take your pup out after every meal and at frequent intervals. It is believed that a pup can ‘hold’ for 1 hour for every month of its age, i.e. a 2 months old pup will need to excrete every 2 hours. Every time you take it out, you should command the pup to ‘empty out’. Be sure to do it at the same time and at the same place every time. The pup won’t understand or obey initially. But Goldens are intelligent and learn fast. A few days of training will make it into a habit.

Also, you should have plenty of puppy toys to keep your pup busy. By keeping it occupied you will indirectly make it understand that it should not play with other things in the house. It is advisable to have small 10-15 minutes training sessions with your pup, 2-3 times a day, to make it understand and follow commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘go’, ‘come’, ‘no’, ‘heel’, etc. This will ease up the process of disciplining the naughty baby into a well groomed one.

If you have small kids in the house, ensure that they don’t abuse the pup for fun or out of irritation. Also, you should take care that the pup doesn’t harm the baby if it’s very young.

Apart from being a reservoir of love and patience, you will also need to take some concrete steps to ensure the health and well-being of your pup. It is a must to get your pup thoroughly examined by a vet at frequent intervals and get it vaccinated as prescribed. It is advisable to get a pup medically examined before adopting so that you know if the pup has any health problems or requires any special care. This will also ensure that you don’t end up adopting a diseased puppy.

Go ahead, adopt responsibly and relish the golden moments of seeing your Golden growing up.

Nelson Williams and his family live in Vermont.He brought home the first Golden Retriever when his now grown daughters were babies. His family has bred and cared for more Golden Retrievers than they can remember. Nelson writes about puppies: With years of experience and volumes of research, the Williams offer you ‘Secrets of Raising Golden Retrievers’, for free: .

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Guidelines for a Good Golden Retriever Breeder by Michael Corben

Golden retriever is a unique breed of dog. This type of dog is known for its intelligence, patience, and charm. Golden retrievers are also very playful, cuddly, and lovable. These traits made this dog the number one favorite of Americans. Similar to any other Americans, golden retriever breeders breed this type of dog because of their aforementioned characteristics. Breeding goldens does not only bring joy and satisfaction to any golden retriever breeder, but it also does give them a huge profit. This is made true by the obvious fact that there are a lot of dog lovers who would want to have their own golden retriever. Buying a golden retriever puppy will definitely cost you some cash. The older the dog is, the higher its value becomes.

With these facts at hand, it will not be a question if anyone would want to become a breeder of golden retrievers. But mind you, breeding goldens is not that easy. Before someone becomes a reputable breeder, there are a lot of things that he needs to consider. If you want to breed retrievers, you must make sure that you are knowledgeable about all the important information about the breed. Like any other breeds of dogs, golden retrievers are also prone to developing congenital anomalies if breeding is not done properly. Any trustworthy breeder should know the basic protocols of proper breeding. Dog raising experience is also very important if you would want to become a breeder. If you do not have sufficient experience in puppy raising, specifically on golden retriever puppies, then there is a huge chance that you will just end up loosing those lovely puppies and putting all your hard works, time, and money to waste. Your experience in successful puppy raising is a huge help in order to become a reputable breeder.

Before even thinking about becoming a golden retriever breeder, have a thorough assessment of your own self. Identify your reasons why you would want to become a breeder. If you are doing it merely just because of money then you should not start to breed at all. In order to become a successful breeder, you need to have a genuine compassion for the breed. Breeding just for the sake of making money out of it will not do any good, both for you and the welfare of your future puppies. Breeding retrievers requires compassion and genuine love for the breed.

Michael Corben has been in the golden retriever business for more than 20 years. If you’d like to learn more on breeding golden retrievers, visit

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Training For Your Golden Retriever

Training For Your Golden Retriever

Author: Peter Finch

Training is very important for your golden retriever. Golden retrievers are smart dogs, and they learn quickly. With a little bit of patience and time, your dog can be the most adorable pet around.

Enlisted here are the most popular methods that would provide training.

Behavior Training

Behavior training helps your dog behave in an appropriate and desirable manner. You have to decide on general behavioral patterns that you would like your dog to follow, and help him develop the same.

This training includes good house breaking, decent behavior around people and pets, leash training, and other types of training that will make him a good companion to have around. Following are certain behavior training for you golden retriever -

a) Teeth Training. As your puppy will chew anything that is around, it is important to provide teeth training. There are various chew toys available. You may want to keep some ready and hand it over to your golden.

Once he is done with one, or bored with one, you may introduce him to the other. This way you can curb his natural instinct to chew and take care of his teething problem as well. However, you need to be cautious while picking up the chew toy. If you buy a particularly smaller one, your golden retriever can try swallowing it and get choked.

b) Leash Training. If you like to leash your pet you need to provide training for your dog. It may not be wise to attach the leash onto your golden retriever and drag him around. Being a bit gentle on your dog would help in this situation. You can attach the leash onto him, and provide him with enough freedom inside the house, or in your yard. Be a little watchful.

It will take your golden retriever some time to get used to the leash. After he has got a little used to it, pick up the leash and start calling him to you. This way he/she can get leash training, without much trouble.

c) Digging around. Well, this is the nature of dogs in general and you have to provide training for your dog to manage this natural instinct as well. If you try to control this natural habit, it may not help. So, provide your golden retriever with an area to dig. And praise him when he digs the area. Or chide him if he tries to dig some other area. Soon he/she will understand.

Activity Training

This is a very beneficial type of training. This would include activities like search and rescue, hunting, herding and other such activities that golden retrievers are meant to do. These activities would help build a better relationship between you and your dog.

Obedience Training

This is also a very important training. It teaches your pet to obey commands. Golden retrievers who undergo this training learn not to bark without reason, not to dig any place and are usually better behaved than most other dogs.

While your golden retriever may need a mix of all the above training methods, you have to shortlist your requirements for your pet and decide the best training. Now, have you not chosen this dog for him to be an adorable companion for you?

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