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Find Out Exactly What It Is You Must Consider Before Adopting A Puppy

Find Out Exactly What It Is You Must Consider Before Adopting A Puppy

Author: Isabel Haynes-Riley

At some stage in time, assuming you have youngsters, they may sooner or later ask you to get a dog.

Although you may not enjoy the idea of having to deal with yet another person in your household relying upon you for care, studies show that animals are often excellent for children, as long as you select the right kind of pet.

You should know that almost all puppies have a aggressive character and it doesn’t matter how loving and tame they appear to be, that character is still there below the surface. Continue to keep that in your mind before trying to select an ideal puppy for your own youngsters.

Kids love to have friends as well as companions, and dogs tend to have the ability to meet that role very easily. It is advisable to get yourself a puppy, to ensure that your kids as well as the puppy can develop alongside one another, forming that bond that goes on for years to come.

When we started looking at puppies more as domestic pets, rather than guards, breeders began searching for ways to reduce their natural aggressive nature. The end result was several dog breeds that were loving and tolerant with youngsters, particularly young children who love to yank tails and also fur.

Still, they need to undertake puppy obedience training, in order to be on the safe side, particularly if you intend to rely on them with your young children.

There are lots of great canines out there, for example the Golden Retriever, that make great pets and  buddies for small children, because they will hardly ever strike back whenever youngsters play just a little on the rough side, since they are known to do now and then.

Keep in mind your children’s disposition when selecting a dog also. If your child likes to have fun outdoors and also has plenty of stamina, then you ought to look for a puppy that is able to keep up, and also will probably appreciate it. In case your youngster is calmer, preferring to sit indoors reading a book instead of run and play outside, then you should look for a larger, generally calmer puppy.

There are many perfect breeds that are ideal for children, the issue is actually finding them, and doing your homework to come up with the very best possible choice for your youngster.

It doesn’t matter what particular breed of dog of dog you settle on, you really should plan to get that dog educated with a professional trainer, who’s used to educating dogs to get along with young children, simply as an additional security measure.

Keep in mind the two “t’s” when looking for a puppy for your youngsters, teaching and also

Don’t forget that this particular dog will probably turn out to be your child’s very best buddy, perhaps even spending a lot more of their time along with your child than you do, consequently you’ll need to be comfortable knowing that the puppy you decide on won’t attack your son or daughter.

Quite a few children are mauled each year by dogs that haven’t had the appropriate training, or dog breeds, for instance Pit Bulls, which have absolutely no business being close to children being let reside in the home.

Don’t permit your youngster to be the next one that we learn about in the night time news!

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Isabel Haynes-Riley has been a pet owner and lover for over 40 years. Join the free newsletter at for lots of jam packed information regarding your canine pet.

3 Great Reasons On Adoption For Adult Golden Retriever

3 Great Reasons On Adoption For Adult Golden Retriever

Author: Arielson

No time for training and lacking patience to develop puppies? Choose an adult golden retriever for instant results!

First of all, your primary concern is, you may be unable to provide the necessary time and the patience to develop the learning phase together with your dog. Rearing a pet required both time and long term investment with them. It required both dedication and patience to ensure care and health are properly developed along the growing stage.

The next important concern what can be right breed of dog for the family. If you interested in introducing a family pet to the family, why not consider a golden retriever. If you have done your evaluation, you will realize that you are unable to provide adequate care for a puppy, the next thing you may consider is adoption for adult dog. An adult dog can serve to give better options based on your own situation, why not consider adoption for an adult golden retriever? Here are some great reasons and some golden retriever tips why they can be best selection choice.

Basically, as we are come to understand, a golden retriever is one of the most intelligent, obedient and loyal animal that one owner should possessed. From a young age, they are fast learner and able to adapt to the training that was provided. Once a golden retriever was exposed and experiences dog obedience training, you will realize how well they behaved. Once the golden retriever undergoes effective dog training, communication can be easy with the new owner and the family.

Great reasons on adoption for adult golden retriever

Reason#1 – Instant training both in obedience and housebreaking manners

There are several benefits with taking on an adult golden. One of them is the instant cross over skills of obedience and housebreaking. Most dogs are trained in this aspect especially with a popular family dog like a golden retriever. The owner just need to allow time for the new golden to settle in his new surroundings and get him adapted to his new found family. In the beginning, there may be some difficulty in the adjustment but in due time with the new love, devotion, appropriate attention and welcoming showered on them should help him to improve and adapt.  There are other potential issues with an adult golden. As you know, old habits die hard and golden retriever may also inherit bad habits. As new owner, you need to monitor and understand the golden retriever behavior patterns, likes and dislikes, medical history and necessary information to ensure the proper well being for your golden retriever.

Reason#2 – Instant Best friend for adult golden retriever adoption.

Ok. You should not count your eggs first. Nobody can guarantee a best friend! However, what you have started is getting an instant friend. The relationship between a golden retriever can definitely developed into a terrific bonding and strong friendship. What is important is that an adult golden retriever can connect to you as an owner immediately, while the owner on the other hand is able to provide the love, attention and the appreciation for the pet golden likewise. Most golden will grow affectionate to the owner with the care shower on them, and they will stay loyal companions while you give the utmost trust in them.

Reason#3 – Instant Compassion “Adoption Saves Life”

What you have done is doing showing compassion for animals. For reasons other than the death of the previous owner, at other times, pets like a golden retriever has been abandoned or left in shelter.  You can provide the care and consideration to these pets other than impulse buying for puppies because they are cuter! “Adoption Saves Life”: By showing your appreciation and respect the life for them.

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Arielson has been writing articles online for 2 years.  You can check out his website on Hand Held Blenders which has information and reviews to find the best Hand Held Blender for your home.

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Should You Adopt a Golden Retriever?

Should You Adopt a Golden Retriever?

Author: Steven Tomkins

Although Golden Retrievers are very sociable, lovable dogs many of them end up in rescue centers each year for a variety of reasons. These centers are typically run by volunteers who care for the dogs until a new owner is found. You may have wondered if golden retriever adoption is a good option for you. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of adoption and where you can find your dog if you do choose to adopt.

Should I Adopt a Golden Retriever?
The first question to ask yourself is whether adoption is a good path for you. If you have no dog ownership experience then you should not adopt a dog. Many of these Goldens have been mistreated and require good dog handling and training skills to make them well balanced retrievers again. Also you need to be certain that you are committed to long term ownership otherwise the dog will not be much better off in the long run. If you have owned dogs successfully in the past – ideally Golden Retrievers then you should definitely consider adoption. You will be putting your skills and experience towards improving one more dog’s life.

Why Do Goldens End Up in Rescue Centers?
Many abandoned dogs come from less responsible breeders who breed more puppies than they can sell. Some come from owners who neglect or mistreat their dogs. Sometimes it isn’t the owners fault for the dog’s position – the owner may be forced to move house or change locations where keeping a dog isn’t feasible.

Places Where You Can Adopt a Golden Retriever
There are two main places where abandoned Goldens end up: animal shelters and breed rescue centers. Animal shelters cater to a wider variety of pets (mostly cats and dogs) whereas breed rescue centers are places for just one particular breed of dog. If you don’t have one particular breed in mind animal rescue centers would be a good place to look. You would be able to select from a range of dogs and find the best one regardless of breed. If you are set on adopting a Golden Retriever then you should definitely contact breed rescue centers in your area and view some of the dogs. In most rescue centers the dogs still receive plenty of care from volunteer owners who often run foster homes for the dogs. If you do decide to adopt a dog, you will have to submit an application and you will receive a house visit to make sure you can provide a good home for your new dog.

For more information on golden retriever adoption check out my site at where you can learn more about golden retriever adoption and how to be successful in your adoption application.

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Steven Tomkins is a keen dog owner and his favorite breed is the Golden Retriever.  He wants to help other Golden Retriever owners provide better care for their dogs by passing on his experience and skill.  He will also help you decide whether you want to own a Golden if you don’t already have one. Check out his site at

Golden Retriever Adoption; a Serious Matter

Golden Retriever Adoption; a Serious Matter

Author: Brian B

Golden Retriever adoption is highly popular as these dogs fit in easily with all types of families. Anyone considering buying or adopting a dog should preferably visit their local animal shelter and find a dog that is in sincere need of a home due to abandonment or mistreatment. Even golden retrievers can need adoption or rescue.

When considering golden retriever adoption it is important to understand the difference between owning an adult dog and a puppy. It is better to adopt an adult dog where possible due to ease in which puppies tend to be given new homes. Before accepting a new dog into the home, you should make sure that the dog gets along with every member of the family especially if there are children or other animals in the home. Golden retrievers are a good choice for adoption with families as they tend to love people of all ages and their temperament means they get along with everyone but it is still a good idea to maybe take the dog for a weekend to see how it settles into the family before making the commitment. Golden retriever adoption usually works out well as long as the owner is prepared to take good care of the dog.

Best Times for Golden Retriever Adoption

Many people view Christmas time as the best time for a new puppy or dog. However, because of the many commitments that come with owning a dog, a lot of people discover that they cannot manage to care for their dog properly and end up placing them with a shelter or else abandoning them on the streets. This is why there is a huge need for adoption of all breeds of dog after Christmas and the New Year when many are left without a home.

A lot of breeders aim for pups that will be ready at around Christmas time so the influx of new dogs in homes and shelters tends to be overwhelming. Dog shelters need the most help after Christmas and the New Year and so this is the best time to consider Golden Retriever adoption due to the amount of choice available.

Golden retriever adoption is a big deal at any time of the year and is such a big commitment that shelters find it hard to provide placements for all of their dogs especially the larger ones like Golden Retrievers. Due to the temperament of Golden Retrievers they are suitable for most families, however, due to their size, they are unsuitable for most homes. They need a larger amount of space and exercise than other dogs. Older dogs that are sick or disabled are also in dire need of homes and people interested in golden retriever adoption should ideally consider these dogs as well as puppies.

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Adopt a Golden Retriever and Stop the Killing of Dogs

Adopt a Golden Retriever and Stop the Killing of Dogs
By Ewen Vile

It will be such a noble deed to adopt a Golden Retriever. Each year, it is estimated that more than 9 million adoptable animals are euthanized, due to overpopulation at the shelters.

Adoption is a good option for a dog lover who wants a loving addition in the family. If you want a purebred Golden Retriever, it is best to go to an animal rescue. Rescues are breed specific and most of their volunteers provide foster homes. This is to ensure that the dog is trained, socialized and given the best care prior to adoption.

Most rescues make sure that the dogs have recovered from illness before placing them for adoption. If not, they will give a refund or shoulder the expense of the medical treatment. Dogs are surrendered out of neglect and abuse. That is why they long for love and care. They bond easily with their new families and establish deeper relationships since this is their way of showing gratitude to the new owner for saving their lives.

When you adopt a Golden Retriever, you save lives. You take him home and give him a loving family and you give room for other abandoned dogs in the streets. This gives them a chance for a better life. We can help stop the overpopulation of dogs in the shelters. This is by not patronizing puppy mills and breeders who breed for greed. If we keep on buying puppies from them, they will breed some more to meet the demands of their clients. The sad thing is they breed substandard pups that are sickly and surrendered to shelters later on.

Also, ensure that your dog has an ID or a microchip implant. Most dogs are considered “stray” and are euthanized after several weeks because the owners could not be identified and because they are unclaimed.

Spay or neuter your dogs. If not, they will contribute more to overpopulation. If you think you can’t afford caring for five or more puppies, be sure that your dog is sterile. Do not breed for fun and just to see what the litter would be like if your breed a Lab and a Golden. This is a no no in responsible pet ownership. Dog overpopulation is a never ending issue that is hard to solve unless all breeders and owners learn some sense of responsibility.

As dog lovers, we can help in our own little way by providing a loving home to our adopted pets.

For video and reading about what Golden Retrievers get up to, and for more tips on buying a Golden Retriever, go to

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